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Oil Basin in Texas And New Mexico May Be Leaking Much More Methane Than Previously Thought, Findings Show

Natural gas could be eliminating this, if we’ll just help get it there. This is why new gas pipelines, and LNG are so important.

Pollution from dirty petroleum distillates

Why aren’t we shipping this gas to where it can eliminate the horrific pollution of dirty oils, and coal burning at the industries that have been causing ten times more respiration related deaths than Covid 19.

The best way to stop and mitigate the “leakage” is to get the gas to where it can be turned into electricity to replace oil distillates. As this article points out, the gas is being burned, at best, or leaking at 25X the potency. Burning it to make electricity is creating a double or triple emissions benefit.

I don’t know why people can’t get their heads around the reality that, as this is highlighting, making reliable electricity from natural gas results in the most positive environmental impact of all.

Gas generation justifies cleaning the gas and shipping it to electricity generation or industries where it replaces much dirtier fuel.

More than one in 10 flares designed to burn off unused methane in the Permian basin in Texas and New Mexico could be unlit or malfunctioning, venting much more of the potent greenhouse gas into the atmosphere than previously thought, new findings by the non-profit Environmental Defense Fund show.

Source: Oil Basin in Texas And New Mexico May Be Leaking Much More Methane Than Previously Thought, Findings Show

How much would it cost to power the entire U-S-with solar panels and battery storage?

One of the flaws in the “renewable energy” narrative is that it only addresses electricity consumption, and electricity is only 19% of the energy the U.S. uses.

I don’t know anyone more interested in eliminating “combustion” from our energy mix than I am.

But, I’ve also been scorched by “renewable energy” evangelists for pointing out that if we used the same thermal energy storage that the CSP does, but heated it with the enormous electricity capability we’re not able to use as electricity, we could take out that industrial combustion use fed by gas, and oil.

Here’s another example of what happens with solar generation, when it’s added to the essential “reliability” generation our economy requires.

If you were to add up the wind generation electricity, and this over generated solar electricity and used it to replace the industrial heat in the first chart, we’d see both pollutions and carbon emissions go down a lot.

If we used EV’s to store the extra electricity, rather than the utility-scale batteries, we’d see a massive drop in urban pollution from transportation fuels.

If we do that aggressively, we will be able to use a lot more solar, a lot more wind, the pollution could get closer to today’s covid 19 level pollution, and the oil price would stay so low that the petroleum industry would wither and die.

But there is hope for the fossil fuel industry because, rather than the dirty petroleum products, we’ll still need natural gas.

And we need to use clean natural gas for both industry, heat and making flexible electricity.

A truth that is “inconvenient” is that about is that natural gas is being burned anyway, to avoid methane pollution that’s 26 times worse than CO2.

If we make electricity with it, to replace dirty oil engines, we end up with the greenest of all options.

My point is that we must get over the notion of trying to power an entire economy from one or two sources of energy.

With the combination of Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Hydroelectric, Pumped Hydroelectric Storage, Battery Storage, Thermal Energy Storage, Natural gas, LNG storage, and Nuclear, we can power the whole global economy, with pollution-free electricity plus support the fourth industrial revolution without burning any dirty fuels.

Another expression of “Regenerative.”

Amsterdam to embrace ‘doughnut’ model to mend post-coronavirus economy | World news | The Guardian

Dutch officials and British economist to use guide to help city thrive in balance with planet.

Source: Amsterdam to embrace ‘doughnut’ model to mend post-coronavirus economy | World news | The Guardian

Why wait till the economy needs to be fixed, when, in undeveloped areas of countries, considered to be “Developing” we can design it right from the beginning?

In the Netherlands 98% of the population has money to by consumer products.
In Kenya, only 9 million people, out of the 53 million population, qualify as “consumers” and can buy consumer products. 44 million make less than $3 per/day with 75% of those making less than $1 per day and subsisting on what they can grow on their tiny patches of land.

Yet there are more people than the combined populations of the Netherlands, Belgium, and Sweden. And the Natural Capital, along with renewable energy availability, land, and water is adequate to feed the entire population.

The difference has been that Kenya has only experienced the “extractive capitalism” that takes all of the profits that smallholder farmers might earn, and moves those profits up to the middle men who ship the balance of the “profitability” home.

The proposed “Altresco” Regenerative Business system model” is being designed to bring a fair share of the profitability back to the farmers, so they can become “consumers” and start enjoying the quality of life that will exist when all of the Sustainable development goals have been met.

The Regenerative Capitalism model we are designing, along with utilizing carbon free electricty, is allowing us to design all of the Sustainable Development Goals into the local productivity chain.

China’s toxic air pollution resembles nuclear winter, say scientists | Environment | The Guardian

This article is 6 years old, and I’m posting it today to show how long the Chinese people have been having to wear masks to survive.
Covid 19 is bringing the first breaths of fresh air these people have had since before this article was published.

The truth is that we can bring back the productivity, and dramatically reduce pollution by getting off the fossil fuel narrative, and fully utilizing hybrid renewable, natural gas, and nuclear electricity.

It’s time to stop talking about “Climate” and start focusing on mitigating today’s pollution. Kill Pollution, and the Climate will get better, faster than the current narrative is doing.


Air pollution now impeding photosynthesis and potentially wreaking havoc on country’s food supply, experts warn

Source: China’s toxic air pollution resembles nuclear winter, say scientists | Environment | The Guardian

Something is going horribly wrong.

Between the demonization of the two cleanest sources of electricity in the world, Nuclear, and Natural Gas, we’re driving a new resurgence of the dirtiest generation fuel.

Japan, in the face of climate change, is building coal power plants – Vox

How could we think about using coal when we could be eliminating this kind of natural gas waste

There is enough natural gas, being flared for lack of market, to integrate with Wind, and Solar to create a net zero, reliable electricity supply that coupled with Nuclear, could turn the CO2 trend negative.

But no. let’s keep campaigning to keep the planet’s best hopes, buried under sinful levels of misinformation, ending up driving economic survival toward the worst possible choices.

I’m passionate about using every tool possible to maintain and even start recapturing the habitability of Earth, and quality of life for all living things, but it’s discouraging to have arrows raining down, from every direction, trying to kill every other “tribe.”

We must get past the misinformation, and collaborate, rather than fight over ineffective options, when there are viable options.

©  William Ross Williams 2020

China Soaring Past Japan In Liquefied Natural Gas Imports

This falls in the “best news” ever category. When China uses Natural Gas to replace coal for reliability, the whole planet wins. IN FACT IT’S A TRIPLE WIN FOR PLANET EARTH.

What we don’t hear about is that the natural gas that is a byproduct of oil production, is being burned or vented all over the world and the CO2 impact makes animal flatulence, and forest fire impact look trivial if it were compared.
But, our two trillion/year media masters don’t want to bring up this fact to the people they’ve spent decades convincing the public, that “renewable energy” is the only way to go.

However, if there are the pipeline capacity and a big enough market, the gas that’s being wastefully burned and vented would be processed and shipped.

Making electricity from this natural gas is a triple win for the planet because it not only removes the”worse than CO2″ pollution, it also replaces the need to burn diesel fuel, by replacing those expensive to run polluting generators with zero-pollution electric motors.

Converting the gas to LNG is having a very positive impact, but as America’s export capacity has grown, the existing markets have reached the saturation point and finding new markets for all of this LNG is the most important climate mitigation approach we must focus on.

Yes, LNG is lumped into the nasty “Fossil fuel” category by the 100% renewable advocates, but the real impact is that it effectively removes planetary polution from the status quo whole picture reality.

But thank God for China, and India where gas can replace coal at sufficient volumes to eliminate “flaring.”and replace coal in the process.

China will soon surpass Japan as the world’s largest importer of liquefied natural gas (LNG), quickly becoming the most vital way of trading the world’s go-to fuel.

Source: China Soaring Past Japan In Liquefied Natural Gas Imports

Our status in the Universe.

I love these pictures of “scale, “and how microscopic Earth is relative to the Cosmos.

One of my most profound moments of humility was when I was up below Manaslu Peak in the Himalayas, where the night skies were unimaginable.

And a day was trekking up a very steep path, cut into high canyon walls with a sheer drop of about 1000 feet, to a raging glacier-fed river. A momentary loss of balance would be the end of me.

(At that time, I was the CEO of an eighty million per year company, with complex revenue relationships which felt like a lot of responsibility.)

The “moment” was when I paused, glanced down at the river, and, with absolute clarity, realized that were I to slip and fall to my death, the world, as I knew it, would take about three to five days to resume, as though I’d never existed.

Today, I know that I still have lots of reasons to be alive and have impacts, but relative to the universe, even that is negligible.  

And, I know that our planet is all we have, or ever will have.

We are evolved from the bacteria in the Earth’s seas, and truly are “earthlings.” Moving to Mars,or elsewhere definitely a delusion.

We need to get over our “Constellation” size egos and start taking care of our microscopic size piece of the universe.

We’re the only ones that can, and failing that, the total annihilation of humanity would not even be noteworthy to the balance of the universe.

©William Ross Williams 2020 All rights reserved

Burn, Pay, Or Shut It Down: Three Evils For Permian Drillers |

Or we could be using it to make electricity to eliminate the need for all of the diesel, and fuel oil-fired generation.

Today, natural gas-fired generation is actually carbon negative

Permian producers are facing a difficult choice; pay a premium to haul off excess natural gas or literally burn it, and their profits

Source: Burn, Pay, Or Shut It Down: Three Evils For Permian Drillers |

Carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. have fallen to the lowest levels in a generation—natural gas is a big reason why — Quartz

This gives a hint as to why I’m so obsessed with getting the natural gas that is being wasted in flares and venting into the “reliable” clean energy mix in Africa.

And in our African opportunities, we will also use this clean fuel to generate the electricity to displace diesel fuels, coal and other dirtier fuels

Natural gas provides more than 30% of the energy consumed in the U.S. Here’s how leading technologies make it more reliable, clean, and affordable than ever before.

Source: Carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. have fallen to the lowest levels in a generation—natural gas is a big reason why — Quartz

Why using Natural Gas and LNG is greener than wind or solar.

We need all of the emissions-reducing or eliminating technologies, but methane is now a waste product. It’s coming out of the ground faster than it’s being used, and if it’s not burned in flares, it’s being vented directly into the atmosphere doing 25 times more harm than the CO2 from combustion.

However, if we use it to make electricity, that can, in turn, replace even more fossil fuels, it’s a double win, and the net effect is a net reduction in GHG emissions.

Since natural gas is both schedulable and can add reliability to renewable electricity sources, it supports even more emissions-free electricity.

It is not a panacea, but when we are able to use it, it can replace coal with less than half the CO2 emission, and further eliminates all of the other toxic gases, and ash that burning coal produces.

The hold up with natural gas has always been getting from the wellhead it to the proposed point of use. That has been being solved by building pipelines, but now the powerful and twisted anti-everything advocacies have stopped that, leaving us with only the new solutions made possible by LNG.

And, now we have  new effectively “anti-climate progress” groups evaluating and making scary pronouncements against LNG, and using the art of “Isolation,”to ignore the massive benefits that taking the gas emissions back out of the air at the source point.

Leakage, energy cost to liquefy it,  product loss during shipping, and so on. What is not even alluded to is that without the LNG processes (Gas-to electricity-powered), there is 100% leakage directly into the atmosphere.

Every part of the LNG process is effectively taking otherwise burned or vented methane out of the air!

I am a nearly radical climate progress advocate, and, as a result, I’ve taken the time to research the whole end to end process, and that shows that Natural Gas and LNG use to make electricity is by far the most environmentally beneficial move we can be making.

In order to make the climate progress that is essential, we must use every tool we have available to reduce total emissions from making electricity. That includes Wind, Solar, Nuclear, and Natural gas, so why can’t we get our heads around doing what will work?

So, let’s start using our whole brains and heading toward the documentable paths that will work.

©William Ross Williams copyright 2019.