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If you’re serious about stopping “climate change”please read this: All of it.

Source: The Activists Who Embrace Nuclear Power | The New Yorker

This article is as close to “Truth” as any I’ve read in many years. Without criticizing any of the “mythology” presented regarding energy over the last 40 years, it tells an objective story about how we’ve been convinced that the “boogieman” stories about nuclear power are true.

The overarching message is that we do have the technologies and tools to support the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and its need for absolute electricity reliability.

Among the “Stakeholders” I’ve always been devoutly loyal to are the environment and reduction of the air pollution that’s killing ten times as many people as Covid.

I’m also a huge fan of wind, and solar generation, because it can reduce pollution by using it in ways that are still considered “heresy” by the same interest groups promoting nuclear fear.

The nature of “stakeholder” capitalism starts by identifying fundamental truths, then examining those truths in the light of “will they be transparently beneficial to all of the stakeholders,” then assembling the businesses and elements in a way that will capture those benefits.

It starts as a seemingly impossible maze and results in harmony that all stakeholders, including the audience, will enjoy participating in.

The Outlier Mindset – Great Rewards Come From Brave Decisions – The Josh Barney Blog

Following the same processes and practices as everyone else is proving to be disastrous. We’re killing the only planet we are genetically engineered to live on.

But the “stockholders” have been demanding the continuous growth that mainstream economists seem locked into.

Regenerative capitalism will work, but not fast enough to save us. The advertising budget for the “consumption” economy is 50 times bigger than the outlier regenerative, or donut economy evangelists.
COVID 19 is demonstrating how far we are past the “carrying” capacity.

Will we listen? No.

But I’ll never stop hoping our outlier efforts will become even more contagious than Covid.
The “Pre-Covid” mindset was killing more people every month than the pandemic total has,

It’s time to be brave and realize that there are options the swarm will never know if we don’t start getting louder.

We must discover the mindset we need to reap the biggest rewards.

Source: The Outlier Mindset – Great Rewards Come From Brave Decisions – The Josh Barney Blog

Panic Turns to Patience: Day 4 of Quarantine in Spain

Apartment Courtyards in Barcelona

Covid 19 is starting to bring out the best in people. This article is an encouraging read.

Source: Panic Turns to Patience: Day 4 of Quarantine in Spain

“What else has to happen in Italy for Spain to close everything down? Have they not learned anything from us?” This past Friday, March 13th, on my way home from running one last errand in Barcelona…

Supply chain experts: Foods that could be less available in pandemic

I appreciate this pragmatic observation. Those who take the time to think do have an advantage in surviving crisis without suffering needlessly.

Stuck rationing toilet paper because you didn’t stockpile during coronavirus panic? Don’t worry, it will soon overflow in grocery stores aisles, according to supply chain experts. But a few food items may start to dwindle.

Source: Supply chain experts: Foods that could be less available in pandemic

Vision 2050, Isiolo County

I was asked to write a story about what the results of our 2020 integrated Energy, Water, Food, and Communication plan might look like in 2050.

This inspired me to imagine beyond our current perspectives that 5 years is nearly over the horizon, and think about what the results of our efforts today might look like in 30 years. In the “framing” webinar put together by

Our status in the Universe.

I love these pictures of “scale, “and how microscopic Earth is relative to the Cosmos.

One of my most profound moments of humility was when I was up below Manaslu Peak in the Himalayas, where the night skies were unimaginable.

And a day was trekking up a very steep path, cut into high canyon walls with a sheer drop of about 1000 feet, to a raging glacier-fed river. A momentary loss of balance would be the end of me.

(At that time, I was the CEO of an eighty million per year company, with complex revenue relationships which felt like a lot of responsibility.)

The “moment” was when I paused, glanced down at the river, and, with absolute clarity, realized that were I to slip and fall to my death, the world, as I knew it, would take about three to five days to resume, as though I’d never existed.

Today, I know that I still have lots of reasons to be alive and have impacts, but relative to the universe, even that is negligible.  

And, I know that our planet is all we have, or ever will have.

We are evolved from the bacteria in the Earth’s seas, and truly are “earthlings.” Moving to Mars,or elsewhere definitely a delusion.

We need to get over our “Constellation” size egos and start taking care of our microscopic size piece of the universe.

We’re the only ones that can, and failing that, the total annihilation of humanity would not even be noteworthy to the balance of the universe.

©William Ross Williams 2020 All rights reserved

When Individuals Are More Innovative Than Teams

This has been a blessing and a curse for the duration of my business careers in both Real Estate investment and Energy Sector business model creation.
The problem is not the innovation part. The problem is figuring out how to explain it to the “teams” that are critical to the implementation.

I’ll be working on that for the rest of my life. Until then I’m just grateful that the ones I’ve done are still working, and providing the intended benefits.

It depends on what the goal is.

Source: When Individuals Are More Innovative Than Teams

A Brave and Startling Truth: Astrophysicist Janna Levin Reads Maya Angelou’s Stunning Humanist Poem That Flew to Space, Inspired by Carl Sagan – Brain Pickings

Some days, as I contemplate the machinations of the human species, with the core Amorality of human nature, commerce, and the capitalistic style rationalization of the continuing destruction of our planet, I wonder if we’ve even evolved enough to deserve to survive.

Then I’m led to work like this poem, and the overall efforts of the “Brain Pickings” writer and my spirits are lifted.

“Out of such chaos, of such contradiction / We learn that we are neither devils nor divines…”

Source: A Brave and Startling Truth: Astrophysicist Janna Levin Reads Maya Angelou’s Stunning Humanist Poem That Flew to Space, Inspired by Carl Sagan – Brain Pickings