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If you’re serious about stopping “climate change”please read this: All of it.

Source: The Activists Who Embrace Nuclear Power | The New Yorker

This article is as close to “Truth” as any I’ve read in many years. Without criticizing any of the “mythology” presented regarding energy over the last 40 years, it tells an objective story about how we’ve been convinced that the “boogieman” stories about nuclear power are true.

The overarching message is that we do have the technologies and tools to support the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and its need for absolute electricity reliability.

Among the “Stakeholders” I’ve always been devoutly loyal to are the environment and reduction of the air pollution that’s killing ten times as many people as Covid.

I’m also a huge fan of wind, and solar generation, because it can reduce pollution by using it in ways that are still considered “heresy” by the same interest groups promoting nuclear fear.

The nature of “stakeholder” capitalism starts by identifying fundamental truths, then examining those truths in the light of “will they be transparently beneficial to all of the stakeholders,” then assembling the businesses and elements in a way that will capture those benefits.

It starts as a seemingly impossible maze and results in harmony that all stakeholders, including the audience, will enjoy participating in.

How much would it cost to power the entire U-S-with solar panels and battery storage?

One of the flaws in the “renewable energy” narrative is that it only addresses electricity consumption, and electricity is only 19% of the energy the U.S. uses.

I don’t know anyone more interested in eliminating “combustion” from our energy mix than I am.

But, I’ve also been scorched by “renewable energy” evangelists for pointing out that if we used the same thermal energy storage that the CSP does, but heated it with the enormous electricity capability we’re not able to use as electricity, we could take out that industrial combustion use fed by gas, and oil.

Here’s another example of what happens with solar generation, when it’s added to the essential “reliability” generation our economy requires.

If you were to add up the wind generation electricity, and this over generated solar electricity and used it to replace the industrial heat in the first chart, we’d see both pollutions and carbon emissions go down a lot.

If we used EV’s to store the extra electricity, rather than the utility-scale batteries, we’d see a massive drop in urban pollution from transportation fuels.

If we do that aggressively, we will be able to use a lot more solar, a lot more wind, the pollution could get closer to today’s covid 19 level pollution, and the oil price would stay so low that the petroleum industry would wither and die.

But there is hope for the fossil fuel industry because, rather than the dirty petroleum products, we’ll still need natural gas.

And we need to use clean natural gas for both industry, heat and making flexible electricity.

A truth that is “inconvenient” is that about is that natural gas is being burned anyway, to avoid methane pollution that’s 26 times worse than CO2.

If we make electricity with it, to replace dirty oil engines, we end up with the greenest of all options.

My point is that we must get over the notion of trying to power an entire economy from one or two sources of energy.

With the combination of Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Hydroelectric, Pumped Hydroelectric Storage, Battery Storage, Thermal Energy Storage, Natural gas, LNG storage, and Nuclear, we can power the whole global economy, with pollution-free electricity plus support the fourth industrial revolution without burning any dirty fuels.

Another expression of “Regenerative.”

Amsterdam to embrace ‘doughnut’ model to mend post-coronavirus economy | World news | The Guardian

Dutch officials and British economist to use guide to help city thrive in balance with planet.

Source: Amsterdam to embrace ‘doughnut’ model to mend post-coronavirus economy | World news | The Guardian

Why wait till the economy needs to be fixed, when, in undeveloped areas of countries, considered to be “Developing” we can design it right from the beginning?

In the Netherlands 98% of the population has money to by consumer products.
In Kenya, only 9 million people, out of the 53 million population, qualify as “consumers” and can buy consumer products. 44 million make less than $3 per/day with 75% of those making less than $1 per day and subsisting on what they can grow on their tiny patches of land.

Yet there are more people than the combined populations of the Netherlands, Belgium, and Sweden. And the Natural Capital, along with renewable energy availability, land, and water is adequate to feed the entire population.

The difference has been that Kenya has only experienced the “extractive capitalism” that takes all of the profits that smallholder farmers might earn, and moves those profits up to the middle men who ship the balance of the “profitability” home.

The proposed “Altresco” Regenerative Business system model” is being designed to bring a fair share of the profitability back to the farmers, so they can become “consumers” and start enjoying the quality of life that will exist when all of the Sustainable development goals have been met.

The Regenerative Capitalism model we are designing, along with utilizing carbon free electricty, is allowing us to design all of the Sustainable Development Goals into the local productivity chain.

How media is killing us.

There are many ways we can stem global warming, but it’s counter to the real intent behind “renewable” energy. I’m committed to sharing what will work.

This article, in Common Dreams illuminates why so much of what I’m writing and posting seems to contradict the “Status Quo” media created “Reality”

Legendary broadcast journalist Bill Moyers has said:

“We’ve got to get alternative content out there to people, or this country’s going to die of too many lies.”

Moyers was asked what the corporate media means for our democracy:

“It means that virtually everything the average person sees or hears, outside of their own personal communications, is determined by the interests of private, unaccountable executives and investors whose primary goal is increasing profits and raising the share prices. More insidiously, this small group of elites determines what ordinary people do not see or hear. In-depth coverage of anything, let alone the problems real people face day-to-day, is as scarce as sex, violence, and voyeurism are pervasive.”

“So if we need to know what is happening, and Big Media won’t tell us; if we need to know why it matters, and Big Media won’t tell us; if we need to know what to do about it, and Big Media won’t tell us, it’s clear what we have to do. We have to tell the story ourselves.”

That’s what we are trying to do here—tell the story ourselves. Every day we work to tell you what is happening; why it matters, and what to do about it.

“I came upon Common Dreams a long time ago, found that Common Dreams was editing the world in a way that did not deny me what I needed to know, but guided me toward what I wanted to know. Common Dreams has done a brilliant job of creating an editorial product that takes so much good material, and brings it together in one place,” said Moyers.

If you believe the survival of independent media is vital to do the kind of watchdog journalism that a healthy democracy requires, please step forward with a donation today.

We won’t make it without your support.

Can you make a tax-deductible, year-end donation today? Your donation will be doubled by a generous donor. 

We can’t do it without you.

The Myth: Natural gas, and Renewable Energy are competitors.


By incorporating both in baseload, independently operating microgrids, it is an 80% GHG reduction from coal, and 40% reduction from gas only.

This was published in 2010, in WorldWatch Issue 184, (available on request)but it was buried. The Wind Industry was not interested in acknowledging the need, and considered us heretics for mentioning it.

Over the last decade of my naivety I’ve come to empathize with Galileo, when he was trying to get the Roman Catholic Church to recognize that the universe does not revolve around the earth.

This time the “church” is mainstream media, renewable energy equipment companies and the petroleum producers, and merchants

And one of many voices is Matt Egan, of CNN news, said in an Article aimed at discrediting the long term viability of LNG

While those investments make sense today, they will likely be derailed in the longer run by a combination of plunging renewable energy costs and rising climate change concerns, according to the Global Energy Monitor, a network of researchers tracking fossil fuel projects.” WRONG!

This is only one of a flock of articles that are continuing to imply that “Renewable energy” can power the world.

Renewable energy cannot power the world! Even if it were free, it could not provide the essential reliability an ever more electrified world will need. Electricity is only 18% of the energy consumed in the United States.

Let me highlight a more climate friendly interpretation.

If we spread natural gas powered electricity generation, over to start replacing the inefficient and much dirtier petroleum distillate applications, it will double our progress.

Both renewables, and natural gas can play seamlessly together to make the Reliable electricity our economies must have.

And, through that hybridization we can triple the amount of renewable energy because it’s now built in to a baseload quality electricity supply.

This is how we can start dropping CO2 emissions at triple the rate the current model is heading toward.

Natural Gas, and renewables are NOT competitors. Together we have the most powerful tools for GHG reduction in history.

And, with the advent of scaleable LNG, whole microgrids can have 10x the “grid out” capacity that batteries alone can rationally provide.

©William Ross Williams 2019

Both the Amazon, and the Arctic are on fire.

This seems like a hideous race to see how fast we can melt Greenland. 

Northern Canada, Alaska , Greenland, and Siberia are all on fire, The Himalayan glaciers are melting, The European glaciers are melting and politicians are still haggling over the insanely absurd “Green New Deal.

So here we have the smokey Arctic.

There is “news” being put on the wire about how we need to change our ways within a decade, but that “news” is not new. The ten years passed ten years ago.

 Anthropogenic? You must be in some virtual reality world. Hell, in the Amazon, the biofuel motivated farmers are setting the blazes as an easy way to clear the land for planting cash crops. 

We’ve been burning the Amazon for decades, and calling it “green.” So it’s unofficially official 

“Green” fuels are doing five times more damage to the global ecosystem  than straight refined petroleum is doing, ten times more than natural gas, and twenty times more than hybrid wind, gas, solar generation can be. .

Yet, I’m still finding ways to be hopeful.  I’ll continue with that after you inspect the horror show realities. 

And we’re still “discussing” the climate crisis? 

This NBC story is the typical “horror headline,” and things are never as bad  as they are made to sound, but one undeniable consistency  is that the time for waiting ended over a decade ago.

A reason I’m still upbeat is that human species has proven to be very adaptable through radical climate changes. 

Adapting to climate change is credited for causing our brains to grow to their current size.

I also know that a lot of potential and truly green and clean energy sources for heading off GHG emissions are locked in the closet we are presumed not to know about, but we do.

Hang on and stay attentive because we’ve only seen, and been sold, one perspective so far, and creative destruction is underway.

Fossil Fuel Industries Outspend Clean Energy Advocates On Climate Lobbying By 10 To 1 | HuffPost

Read this article thoughtfully, and completely. It talks about how lobbying influence is controlling Congress and President Trump, and It cleverly fails to mention all of the money spent sponsoring publications by alleged “Climate Champions.”

That’s one reason why climate bills fail even though most Americans think global warming is happening.

Source: Fossil Fuel Industries Outspend Clean Energy Advocates On Climate Lobbying By 10 To 1 | HuffPost

Let’s all work together!

Don’t throw any of the renewable capacity away! It’ll be worth more than imagined as soon as we put the “third” leg on this “low carbon” stool.

The new abundance of clean natural gas can provide the stability needed to double the usable output from wind and solar.

Art by Robyn Shorrock. There’s more to come.

Plus, making electricty that eliminates the need to burn diesel fuel with electricity is a double win.

The “renewable energy” only show has wreaked instability on our electricity lifelines, and is starting to take down power for whole regions.

By creating what I call gas primary hybrid microgrids where reliability is priority one and than then reduce it’s carbon by 80% using integrated solar, wind and storage, Everybody wins, and no one loses.

Renewable energy was never expected to do more than generate billions of dollars in jobs, and hardware sales in what had become a stagnant situation.

The sale of equipment without correlating it to markets has created a nightmare. Now it’s time to bring “Lets make a difference thinking” back into play so we can create the powerful results we need, and want.

Today, we can create a livable and secure energy future, with much more low carbon electrification that will in turn enable the digitalised 4th Industrial revolution.

All together now, we can turn this world around.

The Reason Renewables Can’t Power Modern Civilization Is Because They Were Never Meant To

Source: The Reason Renewables Can’t Power Modern Civilization Is Because They Were Never Meant To

There has been a hidden agenda underlying the entire “Renewable Energy” narrative.

One “tell” that has been hidden in plain sight for 40 years is the clever deception allowed by the unrecognized distinction between  the word “Energy” and “Electricity.”

I will be following this with a more illustrative article in the next few days, but for this note, the distinction is that the targeted area for renewables has only been electricity, which is only 19% of the “Energy” the American economy consumes.

That means that 80% of the “Energy” we consume remains petroleum-derived fuels at their worst. The magnitude of the sleight of hand the “Energy” misconception has allowed unchecked and continuing, high emissions fuel sales amounting to three Trillion dollars per annum.

Waves, Tides vs.Wind Power

That is a question that comes up a lot. It’s also something I’ve spent a lot of time investigating.

I even went down the Bay of Fundy, in New Brunswick, Canada to watch as it appeared that the “river” between the Bay and the ocean changed direction with the tides. That was at the turn of the millennium before wind power started becoming economically viable. Very compelling.  

As soon as I got back to Colorado, I called my friends at NREL and asked what they thought of the idea. My friend, Terry Penney, who’d been there since it was still SERI, was kind and shared the long list of the different wave and tidal options they had looked at.  Sadly, my “moon power” excitement got shredded.

I was sure we would be able to add “Moon” power to the renewable energy options.

If it’s immersed in seawater it won’t be long till it looks like this.  

Here’s why. “The combination of moisture, oxygen, and salt, especially sodium chloride, damages metal worse than rust does. This combination corrodes, or eats away at, the metal, weakening it and causing it to fall apart. Saltwater corrodes metal five times faster than fresh water does and the salty, humid ocean air causes the metal to corrode 10 times faster than air with normal humidity. Bacteria in ocean water also consumes iron and their excretions turn to rust.”

Although the wind is powerful, it’s not corrosive.

Sadly, it is becoming corrosive in the urban areas, but far out in the countrysides, it’s not. And, let me distinguish between corrosive and abrasive
In places where the wind is laden with dust and sand, wind turbines have not fared well, but there’s no shortage of dust free locations.