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Burn, Pay, Or Shut It Down: Three Evils For Permian Drillers |

Or we could be using it to make electricity to eliminate the need for all of the diesel, and fuel oil-fired generation.

Today, natural gas-fired generation is actually carbon negative

Permian producers are facing a difficult choice; pay a premium to haul off excess natural gas or literally burn it, and their profits

Source: Burn, Pay, Or Shut It Down: Three Evils For Permian Drillers |

How media is killing us.

There are many ways we can stem global warming, but it’s counter to the real intent behind “renewable” energy. I’m committed to sharing what will work.

This article, in Common Dreams illuminates why so much of what I’m writing and posting seems to contradict the “Status Quo” media created “Reality”

Legendary broadcast journalist Bill Moyers has said:

“We’ve got to get alternative content out there to people, or this country’s going to die of too many lies.”

Moyers was asked what the corporate media means for our democracy:

“It means that virtually everything the average person sees or hears, outside of their own personal communications, is determined by the interests of private, unaccountable executives and investors whose primary goal is increasing profits and raising the share prices. More insidiously, this small group of elites determines what ordinary people do not see or hear. In-depth coverage of anything, let alone the problems real people face day-to-day, is as scarce as sex, violence, and voyeurism are pervasive.”

“So if we need to know what is happening, and Big Media won’t tell us; if we need to know why it matters, and Big Media won’t tell us; if we need to know what to do about it, and Big Media won’t tell us, it’s clear what we have to do. We have to tell the story ourselves.”

That’s what we are trying to do here—tell the story ourselves. Every day we work to tell you what is happening; why it matters, and what to do about it.

“I came upon Common Dreams a long time ago, found that Common Dreams was editing the world in a way that did not deny me what I needed to know, but guided me toward what I wanted to know. Common Dreams has done a brilliant job of creating an editorial product that takes so much good material, and brings it together in one place,” said Moyers.

If you believe the survival of independent media is vital to do the kind of watchdog journalism that a healthy democracy requires, please step forward with a donation today.

We won’t make it without your support.

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An explanation of why my focus is on reliability rather than source.

It’s a huge undertaking to slow climate change, but we’ve done big things before.

Carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. have fallen to the lowest levels in a generation—natural gas is a big reason why — Quartz

This gives a hint as to why I’m so obsessed with getting the natural gas that is being wasted in flares and venting into the “reliable” clean energy mix in Africa.

And in our African opportunities, we will also use this clean fuel to generate the electricity to displace diesel fuels, coal and other dirtier fuels

Natural gas provides more than 30% of the energy consumed in the U.S. Here’s how leading technologies make it more reliable, clean, and affordable than ever before.

Source: Carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. have fallen to the lowest levels in a generation—natural gas is a big reason why — Quartz

Blue Lake Rancheria Microgrid Saves 4 Lives during Utility Power Shutoffs

This is how microgrids are supposed to work. It’s beautiful that the tribe used it’s power to improve the well being of 10,000 people.

It’s not just technology, it’s the “greater good” attitude that turns good into profound.  Thank you Blue Lake Rancheria for showing us how things CAN work.

The Blue Lake Rancheria microgrid saved four lives when its owner welcomed in the broader community during California’s wild-fire related power shutoffs.

Source: Blue Lake Rancheria Microgrid Saves 4 Lives during Utility Power Shutoffs

Why using Natural Gas and LNG is greener than wind or solar.

We need all of the emissions-reducing or eliminating technologies, but methane is now a waste product. It’s coming out of the ground faster than it’s being used, and if it’s not burned in flares, it’s being vented directly into the atmosphere doing 25 times more harm than the CO2 from combustion.

However, if we use it to make electricity, that can, in turn, replace even more fossil fuels, it’s a double win, and the net effect is a net reduction in GHG emissions.

Since natural gas is both schedulable and can add reliability to renewable electricity sources, it supports even more emissions-free electricity.

It is not a panacea, but when we are able to use it, it can replace coal with less than half the CO2 emission, and further eliminates all of the other toxic gases, and ash that burning coal produces.

The hold up with natural gas has always been getting from the wellhead it to the proposed point of use. That has been being solved by building pipelines, but now the powerful and twisted anti-everything advocacies have stopped that, leaving us with only the new solutions made possible by LNG.

And, now we have  new effectively “anti-climate progress” groups evaluating and making scary pronouncements against LNG, and using the art of “Isolation,”to ignore the massive benefits that taking the gas emissions back out of the air at the source point.

Leakage, energy cost to liquefy it,  product loss during shipping, and so on. What is not even alluded to is that without the LNG processes (Gas-to electricity-powered), there is 100% leakage directly into the atmosphere.

Every part of the LNG process is effectively taking otherwise burned or vented methane out of the air!

I am a nearly radical climate progress advocate, and, as a result, I’ve taken the time to research the whole end to end process, and that shows that Natural Gas and LNG use to make electricity is by far the most environmentally beneficial move we can be making.

In order to make the climate progress that is essential, we must use every tool we have available to reduce total emissions from making electricity. That includes Wind, Solar, Nuclear, and Natural gas, so why can’t we get our heads around doing what will work?

So, let’s start using our whole brains and heading toward the documentable paths that will work.

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Indonesia Goes Big on Shore Power – Ship & Bunker

I hope LNG is all over this. No cleaner flexible power generation.

State-owned port operator wants shore power at all its terminals by the end of 2020.

Source: Indonesia Goes Big on Shore Power – Ship & Bunker