William Ross Williams 

Altresco,the “brand” has been a “holistic and systems” oriented company since its founding in 1986.

What we’ve learned, and practiced is a form of Sun Tzu strategies.

Understand the whole picture because that’s which way the wind is blowing, primary, and secondary systems because that’s what’s defining behavior, and the details, because those are what will allow you to win wars without fighting.

It’s also the winning strategy if we want maintain the habitability of our planet.

Today, we are barraged with words that have dozens, if not hundreds of possible meanings, and they are put in contexts that mislead us, with what appears to be an obvious “truth.”

Energy is one of my favorites. “Renewable Energy”is one of those. Energy is not renewable. It’s work. and if not applied to a task, it’s gone. When used in a context that makes it seem like a tangible product, we’re being gamed.

In fairness scientists, engineers, and mechanics can conceptualize it, but 99.99% of society has never thought about it. Potential energy is everywhere around us, and electrical energy is what makes us tick.

The energy from wind, and solar pv is pure electricity. No combustion, no middle men, now warehouses, just electricity. While you’re reading this, look over to whoever’s closest to you, and ask them “What is electricity?”

I’ve been around electricity since I watched my dad putting a bunch of electrical wires into houses for the first time. And I’ve been in the energy, and electricity business for 35 years.

But, about 10 years ago, someone asked me “What is Electricity?”and I couldn’t answer. Now I can answer, but without sounding ridiculous and silly, I’m back to the same things everyone knows, and can explain what happens when you flip the switch, but not what it is.

The purpose of this blog, and the William Ross Williams one is to give you objective information that I hope is useful.

Rather than flailing away at the changing climate, I’ll be sharing opportunities, or information that allows you to be an informed contributor to “energy,””Regenerative,” Economics, the nature of Human behavior, and how we might redirect it in a more constructive manner.

I also want to make clear that, when I get focused on one concept, it doesn’t mean, I’ve switched purpose, mission or “product,” It just means I’ve found something that I’d never understood before that my perspective tells me is smething everyne should hear about.

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