China Soaring Past Japan In Liquefied Natural Gas Imports

This falls in the “best news” ever category. When China uses Natural Gas to replace coal for reliability, the whole planet wins. IN FACT IT’S A TRIPLE WIN FOR PLANET EARTH.

What we don’t hear about is that the natural gas that is a byproduct of oil production, is being burned or vented all over the world and the CO2 impact makes animal flatulence, and forest fire impact look trivial if it were compared.
But, our two trillion/year media masters don’t want to bring up this fact to the people they’ve spent decades convincing the public, that “renewable energy” is the only way to go.

However, if there are the pipeline capacity and a big enough market, the gas that’s being wastefully burned and vented would be processed and shipped.

Making electricity from this natural gas is a triple win for the planet because it not only removes the”worse than CO2″ pollution, it also replaces the need to burn diesel fuel, by replacing those expensive to run polluting generators with zero-pollution electric motors.

Converting the gas to LNG is having a very positive impact, but as America’s export capacity has grown, the existing markets have reached the saturation point and finding new markets for all of this LNG is the most important climate mitigation approach we must focus on.

Yes, LNG is lumped into the nasty “Fossil fuel” category by the 100% renewable advocates, but the real impact is that it effectively removes planetary polution from the status quo whole picture reality.

But thank God for China, and India where gas can replace coal at sufficient volumes to eliminate “flaring.”and replace coal in the process.

China will soon surpass Japan as the world’s largest importer of liquefied natural gas (LNG), quickly becoming the most vital way of trading the world’s go-to fuel.

Source: China Soaring Past Japan In Liquefied Natural Gas Imports

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