Our status in the Universe.

I love these pictures of “scale, “and how microscopic Earth is relative to the Cosmos.

One of my most profound moments of humility was when I was up below Manaslu Peak in the Himalayas, where the night skies were unimaginable.

And a day was trekking up a very steep path, cut into high canyon walls with a sheer drop of about 1000 feet, to a raging glacier-fed river. A momentary loss of balance would be the end of me.

(At that time, I was the CEO of an eighty million per year company, with complex revenue relationships which felt like a lot of responsibility.)

The “moment” was when I paused, glanced down at the river, and, with absolute clarity, realized that were I to slip and fall to my death, the world, as I knew it, would take about three to five days to resume, as though I’d never existed.

Today, I know that I still have lots of reasons to be alive and have impacts, but relative to the universe, even that is negligible.  

And, I know that our planet is all we have, or ever will have.

We are evolved from the bacteria in the Earth’s seas, and truly are “earthlings.” Moving to Mars,or elsewhere definitely a delusion.

We need to get over our “Constellation” size egos and start taking care of our microscopic size piece of the universe.

We’re the only ones that can, and failing that, the total annihilation of humanity would not even be noteworthy to the balance of the universe.

©William Ross Williams 2020 All rights reserved

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