Duke agrees to largest coal ash cleanup in US after years of fighting with environmentalists.

Nuclear is dangerous because of possible radioactive leaks, but,with coal the radioactive danger is absolute, and the only containment is leaky ponds.
This is also the biggest radioactive waste cleanup of all time.

6 Months ago, as a result of searches for deaths by radioactive exposure, I found numerous articles verifying that 300 people, so far have died from the radioactive exposure they were subjected to while working for Jacobs Engineering on this coal ash spill.

That’s 290 more people than have died from radiation exposure at the highly promoted Chernobyl, and Fukushima disasters.

Here’s the link to the Duke clean up article. Not a single word or hint of a reference to the radioactive content of this ash.

Source: Duke agrees to largest coal ash cleanup in US after years of fighting with environmentalists | Utility Dive

Today, I discovered the twisted nature of Google.

When I searched for the articles about the 300 deaths I found before, I got 28 pages of Google results which all linked to the same planted article that uses the phrase “sick” instead of DEAD.

Here is a slightly more objective article that was hard to find among all of the “flack” pages.


Infinite media budgets sponsored by product vendors have shaped our beliefs all wrong.
Tobacco is not a problem, and nuclear power is bad”because other thinking hurts our sales.

Non smokers don’t buy tobacco, and nuclear plants don’t buy coal

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