Before I could talk about the possibilities I see in, and for, “darkest”Africa, I had to see it for myself.

A lot of evolution has gone on since this was filmed and we are ready for next steps.

And, since this was filmed, many of the situations and potentially useful technologies have been weathered, characterized, and can be implemented based on the future we can plan, rather than the past we are trying to overcome.

Real life observations of what we’re actually starting from, a whole new version of enhanced productivity, from all segments of the population can emerge in ways that we can only foresee from today’s present reality.

Rather than discussing the “Cliche” phrases like “New Energy Economy,” we’ve been working on defining the “New Economy” that we can create with our current global technologies, and realities.

One situation that has seemed to cry louder and louder is that this is only going to happen as a “private” ownership venture. Those cries are not just coming from what we are observing today.

They are also coming from 25 years of retrospect as the best intentions of 25 years ago have weathered time.

With that insight, todays now-sight, and foresight, we’ve developed a modified perspective of what sustainably “Private” needs to look like.

On the surface it’s not going to be shockingly “innovative.”

We’re pretty stuck on our awareness of Homeostasis as it pertains to human nature. Plus we don’t have to guess. Instead of guessing, we have at least 50 years, of “data” we can now access to identify the kind of models cited in the book “Built to last” by Jim Collins, and Jerry I Porras.

Plus we have the sustainability of the business models that seemed to be the greatest thinking of the time. These have been sorted by the realities of human nature, and that’s the only thing we feel can be trusted.
This has also been true of post colonial Africa, and we don’t have to gues much about how well that’s been working. Not!

Sustainability as it has been proven will only succeed if the “systems” it exists in are able to maintain their “balance”

That, in turn means that the outcome is determined by what society believes is in it’s best interest Governments can’t seem to balance, but there are some great models in the private sector, many of which can be found in the “Buffet, Berkshire Hathaway basket of holdings.

We do have “endorsement, and encouragement” from the Governors, office and ministers, but we are not subject to any decision making at the “government” level.

If the United States has demonstrated anything to the world, it’s that the complete separation of the Government, and the capitalist business free market environment works incredibly well.

What has emerged from this first visit is the irrevocable allocation of a substantial amount of land, that is now under private business rule. And, as a 100% private “bootstrap” agricultural enterprise “Fetcha Farms” has proven the business concept and is ready to expand to a very real “impact enterprise.”

A new world of “Private Productivity” that will benefit all of the population living and working under the existing governments, but is not suitable for the “chicanery” universe.

We plan to foil that world by making it possible to Google every move we make, and laugh or be sad with these moves as the unpredictability of human nature come out of nowhere.

A primary purpose of this entire undertaking is to help the world learn with us as we implement what we think are great ideas, and discover if they are great ideas, or ones for the wastebaskets.

Our current learning environment is the presentation of knowledge with only accidental correlation. That’s not working and it’s not how we are intending to present this.

In this case we are going to show it all in the context of the fully correlated evolving system, so that everyone can see, if they care to, exactly what happens as a result of their actions.

When they fail, what else fails with them? Obviously there is only so much one consciousness can assimilate, but we believe it’s time for creating whole teams that understand the significance of every player.

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