The Myth: Natural gas, and Renewable Energy are competitors.


By incorporating both in baseload, independently operating microgrids, it is an 80% GHG reduction from coal, and 40% reduction from gas only.

This was published in 2010, in WorldWatch Issue 184, (available on request)but it was buried. The Wind Industry was not interested in acknowledging the need, and considered us heretics for mentioning it.

Over the last decade of my naivety I’ve come to empathize with Galileo, when he was trying to get the Roman Catholic Church to recognize that the universe does not revolve around the earth.

This time the “church” is mainstream media, renewable energy equipment companies and the petroleum producers, and merchants

And one of many voices is Matt Egan, of CNN news, said in an Article aimed at discrediting the long term viability of LNG

While those investments make sense today, they will likely be derailed in the longer run by a combination of plunging renewable energy costs and rising climate change concerns, according to the Global Energy Monitor, a network of researchers tracking fossil fuel projects.” WRONG!

This is only one of a flock of articles that are continuing to imply that “Renewable energy” can power the world.

Renewable energy cannot power the world! Even if it were free, it could not provide the essential reliability an ever more electrified world will need. Electricity is only 18% of the energy consumed in the United States.

Let me highlight a more climate friendly interpretation.

If we spread natural gas powered electricity generation, over to start replacing the inefficient and much dirtier petroleum distillate applications, it will double our progress.

Both renewables, and natural gas can play seamlessly together to make the Reliable electricity our economies must have.

And, through that hybridization we can triple the amount of renewable energy because it’s now built in to a baseload quality electricity supply.

This is how we can start dropping CO2 emissions at triple the rate the current model is heading toward.

Natural Gas, and renewables are NOT competitors. Together we have the most powerful tools for GHG reduction in history.

And, with the advent of scaleable LNG, whole microgrids can have 10x the “grid out” capacity that batteries alone can rationally provide.

©William Ross Williams 2019

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