Why the oil companies love “renewables.”

The only energy produced by “renewables” is electricity. The oil and gas industry produces and sells fuel products for the other 80% of the “energy” we use.

This strategy was the result of strategies developed by Exxon, Shell, BP, Total, and Chevron during the last years before 1980, and with the successful election of Ronald Reagan, the renewable subsidies began.

Califonia Governor Jerry Brown’s family was one of the two big Califonia Oil Barons, and with California, President Reagan, and Congress authorizing wind farm subsidies, from U.S. Taxpayers that assured the wind developers would make money whether the wind turbines were effective or not this picture emerged along the road to Palm Springs.

These ugly things are newer replacements for the first two ugly, and dysfunctional , turbine farms.
It never made sense to me, until the last few years, when I’ve learned the secrets that have driven the maniacal roll out of wind turbines, with no regard for energy consumers, at all.

By 2011, the U.S. grid already had more wind generation than it could absorb, but it never slowed down a lick.

There are so many things that have been promoted by the U.S. DOE, Congress, National Labs like NREL that haven’t made sense to me, I feel like I’ve been more naïve about than I could imagine, the only defense is that I was never inclined to develop wind farms.

My deep and established views of how the electricity,system worked, in every way but retail made me blind.

None of this, from the time of my original involvement, and investment in hydrogen.fuel cell/battery chemistries have been based on anything other than protecting the energy market share of petroleum.


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