Both the Amazon, and the Arctic are on fire.

This seems like a hideous race to see how fast we can melt Greenland. 

Northern Canada, Alaska , Greenland, and Siberia are all on fire, The Himalayan glaciers are melting, The European glaciers are melting and politicians are still haggling over the insanely absurd “Green New Deal.

So here we have the smokey Arctic.

There is “news” being put on the wire about how we need to change our ways within a decade, but that “news” is not new. The ten years passed ten years ago.

 Anthropogenic? You must be in some virtual reality world. Hell, in the Amazon, the biofuel motivated farmers are setting the blazes as an easy way to clear the land for planting cash crops. 

We’ve been burning the Amazon for decades, and calling it “green.” So it’s unofficially official 

“Green” fuels are doing five times more damage to the global ecosystem  than straight refined petroleum is doing, ten times more than natural gas, and twenty times more than hybrid wind, gas, solar generation can be. .

Yet, I’m still finding ways to be hopeful.  I’ll continue with that after you inspect the horror show realities. 

And we’re still “discussing” the climate crisis? 

This NBC story is the typical “horror headline,” and things are never as bad  as they are made to sound, but one undeniable consistency  is that the time for waiting ended over a decade ago.

A reason I’m still upbeat is that human species has proven to be very adaptable through radical climate changes. 

Adapting to climate change is credited for causing our brains to grow to their current size.

I also know that a lot of potential and truly green and clean energy sources for heading off GHG emissions are locked in the closet we are presumed not to know about, but we do.

Hang on and stay attentive because we’ve only seen, and been sold, one perspective so far, and creative destruction is underway.

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