Let’s all work together!

Don’t throw any of the renewable capacity away! It’ll be worth more than imagined as soon as we put the “third” leg on this “low carbon” stool.

The new abundance of clean natural gas can provide the stability needed to double the usable output from wind and solar.

Art by Robyn Shorrock. There’s more to come.

Plus, making electricty that eliminates the need to burn diesel fuel with electricity is a double win.

The “renewable energy” only show has wreaked instability on our electricity lifelines, and is starting to take down power for whole regions.

By creating what I call gas primary hybrid microgrids where reliability is priority one and than then reduce it’s carbon by 80% using integrated solar, wind and storage, Everybody wins, and no one loses.

Renewable energy was never expected to do more than generate billions of dollars in jobs, and hardware sales in what had become a stagnant situation.

The sale of equipment without correlating it to markets has created a nightmare. Now it’s time to bring “Lets make a difference thinking” back into play so we can create the powerful results we need, and want.

Today, we can create a livable and secure energy future, with much more low carbon electrification that will in turn enable the digitalised 4th Industrial revolution.

All together now, we can turn this world around.

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