Cuomo Blocks Williams Pipeline | NRDC

This is so wrong it borders on criminal. The environmental and other rabid anti advocacies can now go down in history as the most damaging actors in resisting climate progress. Anti Fracking, anti-pipeline, and anti-nuclear are killing us.

And they have no idea regarding the negative ripple effects their “pet” anti activities are having.
And they are maintaining the same kind of amoral ethics that is attributable to “capitalism.”

“It’s just business” from the NGO perspective. They are free to use whatever method is available.

Substitute “Funds raised” for “Profit earned” and you’ve got the attitude. And, anyone with an NGO management background will confirm that the NGO world is so cutthroat that it makes capitalism look like a friendly playground.

ALBANY, N.Y. – The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) today rejected the application for the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project (NESE), or Williams Pipeline, a significant roadblock to its development. The proposal called for building a new fracked…

Source: Cuomo Blocks Williams Pipeline | NRDC

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