Q. Why does the air downwind from wind turbines smell different.

The answer is that wind turbines have no more influence on the smell of air than an airplane wing does on the air that flows over its wings.

But, if I want you to believe that they are smelly beasts, I’ve got the perfect spot. It will create the perfect illusion. That spot will create an illusion that will feel as real as anything else you understand.

And, from there we can start showing you the other tools to create some useable reality. Out of the illusion studio, and into the whole picture of reality.

And, now that we’ll understand how the illusion was created, lets starting to take that knowledge, and add the other 1000 legos we’ll need to create the whole landscape.

That landscape includes the tools we need to start electrifying new markets, creating new consumers, reducing poverty, and actually being able to reduce GHGs is here.

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