Q.Do I agree with Michael Shellenberger’s assertion that renewables such as Wind and Solar cant save the planet?

Yes, and I’ve agreed with that for 10 years before Michael Shellenberger started writing about it. https://quillette.com/2019/02/27/why-renewables-cant-save-the-planet/

And now MIT. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/613236/the-two-key-reasons-the-world-cant-reverse-climate-emissions/

And, I’ve been trying to get someone to see how more value can be derived, but that’s been like Galileo trying to convince the Roman Catholic Church that Copernicus’s calculations were right and the earth is not the center of the universe.

And the power and unity behind the Renewable Energy brainwashing via mass media, marketing genius, billions to spend, and trillions to lose is a formidable opponent. So was Goliath.

So, the validity of Mr. Shellenberger and MITs assertions that the current model is not working could be compiled into a 600-page tome of very boring data, charts, graphs,citations, etc. that no one would read.

It will be very boring and can be written into the dust by the monolithic power of the media machine.

What does worry me about this situation is that we seem to be blowing holes in the accepted truth without adding in the positive alternatives that can turn today’s dysfunction into a much more beneficial and functional situation.

And another worry is that we’re not pointing out that fossil fuel electricity only represents 28% of the carbon we’re emitting and 19% of the energy consumers are using.

I agree with the fact that the renewable energy story everyone has been sold is a bust, but what I’m not hearing is how we can take the progress and technologies that have emerged in the last decade, and “flipflop” them into a win we can derive as an unintended consequence of technological progress.    

So my current position on renewable energy is that the way it’s been jammed into a system that cannot digest it doesn’t and will not work.

However, now that the technology is proven and affordable, there are many ways we can use it that will work better than anything we’ve heard about.

And, in closing,I want to acknowledge Michael Shellenberger for all of the constructive work he is doing that we do not hear about

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