Q. Is the water that goes down household drains recycled?

This has become a rapidly growing trend over the last 2 decades.

It has always made sense for many reasons, but people could not get over the “Yuk” factor.

Today, I don’t even hear about that anymore. This is also very cost effective.

The water coming out of the system, is cleaner than the river it came out of.

And the water going down your drain is soon going to be as clean, or even cleaner, than the district started with before processing it into tap water.

That old story about the water going into the river, which goes into the ocen, where it evaporates into the rain clouds that refill the lakes and streams became obsolete 50 years ago.  And yes, that too is an environmental problem of critical proportions that is induced by humankind.

And it’s even worse. Today we are facing the problem with increasing salinity in the rivers. The well water is also getting saltier, and saltier, as the fresher water that was above it is withdrawn. But the water that flows to your taps, and down the drains has not gotten saltier.

That is precious.

In summary, if the water going down your drain is not being recycled, you should start a drive to make sure it is. Your community will have better water for a lot longer when it is.

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