As fresh water grows scarcer, it could become a good investment – The Economic Times

Almost every source of freshwater the population needs to survive is going away. The freshwater that’s been stored in Glaciers-is melting and ending up too contaminated and saline for consumption before it can even become seawater.

The underground freshwater sources are depleting from over withdrawal and the depletion is happening far quicker than recharge is happening, and recharge is slowing down.

It takes a lot of energy to desalinate water, and although the cost is declining, and we can decarbonize it, the cost is infinitely more expensive than the global economy can afford.

Everyone knows how passionate I’ve been about this issue, and for how long, but the issues are still the same.

This excellent article highlights the challenges and provides a list of the barriers we have to find our way around.

How can we charge enough for a commodity that the planet owns to both reduce wastage, and pay for taking humankind’s pollution out of it and making it fit to use again? And how can we structure that  “enterprise” in a way that will pay for itself?

No matter how many millions are spent on generating reports like the UN, and World Bank publishes, we are stalled in all but the wealthiest countries.

The United Nations Environment Program has predicted that half the globes population could face severe water stress by 2030.

Source: As freshwater grows scarcer, it could become a good investment – The Economic Times

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