Doubts About Pipeline Proponents’ Claims of a Gas Shortage

This is another example of how groups like NRDC are functionally blocking climate progress by playing on the public’s ignorance of how our electricity system works.

This pipeline would provide the opportunity for microgrids to have reliable natural gas supplies. Reliable natural gas is like the “motherboard” for renewable integration.

Of course, questions can be raised about the demand for natural gas. There was no clear need for “natural gas” when New England Industry was running on the dirtiest of oil products, called bunker C.

But as soon as FERC granted our permission to enter into 15-year gas supply agreements, the skies of New England and Massachusetts began to clear.

That “firm natural gas” is what has been facilitating conversion from particulate laced oil-derived fuels. This isn’t just about CO2. It’s about the other pollutants that are choking the air from oil-fired boilers, and industries that cannot switch until “firm gas” is available.

I’m damned tired of real life climate and pollution reduction and more affordable renewable energy integration being blocked by advocacies that have mastered the art of telling only the truth that supports getting donations.

Source: Doubts About Pipeline Proponents’ Claims of a Gas Shortage

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