Yes dear, the universe really does revolve around the earth.

Bantering about the pro and cons of nuclear energy is as fruitful as Galileo refuting the “absolute truth” of the Roman Catholic Church which, in the 1500s, insisted that the universe does revolve around the earth. 

To think otherwise remained “heresy” of some degree until Pope John Paul declared the findings of these early scientists to be great works in 1992.

When it comes to society, “beliefs” are what rule, regardless of established facts to the contrary.

Today, there are likely to be more people who believe Nuclear power is dangerous than there are members of the Christan faith.  

That makes the belief that Nuclear is bad, bad, bad today’s “Absolute Truth.”

Details like the 4.6 million people dying annually from air pollution just don’t count.

The power of “absolute truth” has been demonstrated over millennia. About 400 BC it was illustrated by Socrates execution.  Socrates was sentenced to death for questioning  the “Absolute Truth” of the Greco-Roman philosophy and religion 400 years BC. He was often caught referring to “God” rather than the Gods.

Similar results were demonstrated when first Copernicus, then Galileo were banished by the Roman Catholic Church for challenging the “Absolute Truth” of the church that God created the universe in a way that made it revolve around the earth.

Today, what has become an “absolute truth”as established  by global commerce is the danger of nuclear power. This is the prevailing belief of most of the people on earth that are privy to modern media.

Let’s look at the opposing realities regarding Nuclear generated electricity:

  • Pro. If we switched to nuclear as rapidly as possible we would have enough energy to power electricity based and mostly digital civilization and stop killing the 4.6 million people who die from air pollution every year.
  • Con.The 6 Trillion dollars of global trade that depends on the continuing consumption of fossil fuels would lose 80% of its trade revenues.

If there is one global “religion” today that crosses all cultures, regardless of religious beliefs it is TRADE.

And espousing paths that would jeopardize that 6-8 trillion dollars of fossil fuel related TRADE are a nonstarter.  We now have the ability to electrify the world without coal. So, what?

Considering Absolute truths ©Wm Ross Williams 2019

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