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NREL & ExxonMobil Team Up For Renewable Energy Research | CleanTechnica

Does this count as part of the billions fossil fuel has spent to forestall climate progress?


ExxonMobil will invest $100 million over 10 years in the NREL and other federal labs to research carbon capture and low emissions fuels. Is that a good thing?

Source: NREL & ExxonMobil Team Up For Renewable Energy Research | CleanTechnica

Yes, the most highly referenced “Renewable Energy” gurus have been sponsored by fossil fuels since the first George Bush declared it a “National Renewable Energy Laboratory” in 1991.

If any of you are wondering why the U.S. CO2 emissions are still climbing after a 12-year long “Renewables” blitz, this can give you a hint.
Oh, and there’s a whoops in this for the genuine lower carbon community.
As a result of the dysfunction they have created, we’ve identified some outstanding ways to make real progress.

Can Cargo Ships convert to clean LNG?

Yes. And this is a critical transition.

Most deep-sea ships, such as container ships burn the dirtiest petroleum product available.

If ships using the Arctic Routes were required to convert to LNG or similar, the ice would not be getting covered with the black carbon that is hastening the melting of the ice.

Busy port cities all over the world are enduring ship generated toxic emissions from both cruise ships and container ships that are much dirtier than onshore facilities are allowed to be.

Good news is that LNG is getting a push due to new rules going into effect in 2020 reducing the sulfur in emissions by 75%.

Hapag-Lloyd to convert large container ship to LNG in a world’s first – SAFETY4SEA

I’m optimistic that this conversion will happen quickly since the Natural gas Flexible power Wartsila engines have been being installed on for over a decade onshore to support wind and solar generation all over the world.

Since Wartsila has already been a global leader in shipping power for decades, the gas capable technology is well proven, and only waiting for the new rules to change the mental model of the shipping companies.

New rules on ship emissions herald sea change for oil market

Regardless of the climate bickering going on in the U.S. the world is moving quickly to a cleaner future.

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