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The renewable energy challenge:Economics

We don’t need to burn anything to produce electricity from wind, solar, hydro-electric, or nuclear energy.

These sources of electricity do not consume raw energy such as burning carbonaceous fuels.

The problem is the 5 trillion dollars of revenues being generated by selling “consumable” fuel that would be lost.

That is what the secret war is all about.

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Economists who changed thinking on climate change win Nobel Prize

Two US economists, William Nordhaus and Paul Romer, share the 2018 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for integrating climate change and technological change into macroeconomics, which deals with the behavior of an economy as a whole.

Source: Economists who changed thinking on climate change win Nobel Prize

Does anyone else even care about this? The mainstream media didn’t seem to think it merited further coverage. Facts and economics are booooring.

Who wants to hear about things like “Rapid Transition from fossil fuels could be an economic disaster.”

Would those of you who are truly dedicated to accelerating our progress away from fossil fuels, please comment?

IMHO we are at a fork in the road leading to the survival of humanity, but that’s one person’s perspective, and I would be honored to get thoughtful feedback instead of tabloid generated rants. What do you think?

What do you think the publications say?



We’ve got to stop drinking this “kool aid”

Microsoft Begins Bulk Purchases of Wind Energy | Data Center Knowledge

I’m going to start breaking the cardinal rule of renewable media. “Never give them enough to correlate.” Who, in the data center trade area, would question this? Here is what happens when we do.

The area they cite as the location for this wind farm is so saturated with wind generation that the wind farms cannot even get an interconnection agreement with the “grid.” That means that this wind farm, if they get lucky, will have to pay the Ercot, or SPP electricity markets to take the electricity And that’s just part of the story.

Here’s some math. Let’s say the data center is going to be using electricity every hour of the year. That’s 8760 Hours. Microsoft is operating well over 500 MWs of data centers, but we’ll use 500 since it’s a nice round number is using 50 MW of electricity. 8760 x 50 = 4,380,000 MWh of electricity

In a perfect world, the referenced 100 MW Wind Farm in West Texas would generate about 330,000 MWh per years. Meaning that, in a perfect world, they would need approx 1,500 MW of wind generation.

But it’s not a perfect world. I happen to be quite familiar with the “grid” and electricity markets in W. Texas and know that even the existing wind generation is having to Pay to get the MWhs of electricity onto the grid. 

And, even then, a great deal of that electricity generating potential has to be curtailed, meaning turned off.

In summary, all of the 100% Renewable “arrangements” the Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook and hundreds of other companies, cities, and towns are claiming is fictional.

And, that’s precisely how the fossil fuel industries have planned it.

Boy, do we have a surprise for them. I’ll be quietly sharing more about that via Altresco posts. Welcome to the rebellion.