This is the history of electricity. Unbiased.

The video title is a bit misleading. The “largest” power plant is only about 2 minutes of this UNBIASED informative and educational video. Please watch and gain the knowledge that can help you sort through the contorted “energy media.”

We have been told so much about “energy” from so many marketing agendas that I’m starting to question if I even know what’s really going on.
However, the history this goes over, and the way it’s presented, is the most complete and accurate I’ve ever seen.
For my Quora followers, I beg you to please take this 1-hour “class” on electricity, and energy. It will give you a baseline about how the electricity system, so dependable and affordable, has evolved and enabled the data age.

The reliability that we expect has been coming from this infrastructure. Yes, it’s been using coal, and efficient as coal has become, it’s now possible to replace it with “clean” natural gas, as a matrix for renewable electricity integration.

That option was not available 12 years ago. We had used up most of America’s traditionally produced natural gas. But unconventional natural gas has now made it more abundant and cost-effective than coal.

Our electricity sector is no longer the “Bad Actor.” in our energy mix. First, the CO2 per MWh is coming way down, and second, our electricity efficiency is getting better. That efficiency is paying for itself and getting more economically beneficial every day.

Electricity is now the “energy” that will save our climate. But we do need to reframe it, and the regulatory structure that’s being turned against electricity consumers, in order to start that swing.

That is a topic unto itself, and one of the most confusing situations for Americans today. So, before we go there, and before a lot of my perspectives will make sense, please take the time to set down and enjoy this “Class.”

That will give us a basis to build on, and as we build on that we’ll also be opening some windows to new perspectives that will lead to “Happy futures.”

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