The Nuclear Boogieman

This is what a coal plant explosion looks like. We don’t hear about these

If you think that radiation from nuclear plants is a threat to your health, you’d better stop jetting about. You’ll be exposed to more rads of radiation on your long distance, higher altitude flights than you would be walking through the forest around Chernobyl.

Nuclear power generation has the best safety record, highest reliability, and least emissions of any thermal power option.

More people have died as a result of the TVA Kingston ash spill than from Fukushima.

The Coal Industry underwrote the China Syndrome movie. Writers can get paid more for instilling nuclear fear, than most other topics.

In the 60s, the fear campaigns regarding nuclear were launched by Big Coal, And by the early 70s, Exxon, and friends were instituting their climate denial campaigns. And electing Presidents, Senators, congressmen, paying off Hollywood, writing the legislation that has kept America dirty.

Did you know that most of the coal-fired plants running 5 years ago were built during the nuclear fear campaign years?

What we don’t hear about are all the deaths that occur in the coal industry or generation. Those are hundreds of times worse than nuclear operations.
If the Fukushima Plant had been coal, the overall environmental impact would have been worse.

We must stop letting them keep killing us with fear. That’s part of why I write.

One response to “The Nuclear Boogieman”

  1. tom says :

    One’s exposure to external radiation airplane or mountain top isn’t even close to the near 100% probability of getting a cancer from an ingested, breathed or skin absorbed hot isotope in the body.

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