Microgrids for productivity

Microgrids are not a product in the durable product or consumable product sense, and unless they are part of a system that does produce tangible products, they have no value. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the products should be high value-added food products.

With refrigeration, this can be 5 days after harvest

In that context, they can start enabling a whole new SSA economy to develop. My vision is that “micro-grids” will be the key to helping the African population triple the Sub-Saharan Africa GDP.
It’s not about electricity. It’s not even about food. Its all about adding or preserving value.

By using micro-grids to power a new Distributed Agricultural Industry, we can change that poverty situation. By adding value, I mean like manufacturing Value-Added food products.

It’s not going to be hard to add value to otherwise spoiled high-value perishable fruits and vegetables. Refrigeration will stop the spoilage. And, when we stop the spoilage, we enable the farmers to quadruple their cash incomes. It’s really not that complicated.

My” back of the napkin” calculations indicate that this can increase the SSA GDP fourfold. 
 A $2/day increase in retainable income for smallholder farmers would add $2 trillion to the SSA GDP.
Before we can spread the “lights,” we must start spreading income potential. What we have here is an opportunity to do that while lowering the carbon footprint rather than raising it.   
 When every “stakeholder” involved in or impacted by new enterprises “wins” the economic impact expands exponentially. We know what that looks like and intend to include that as we take part in the transformation that is now possible.


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