We’re winning. Sorta.

This is NOT okay. I get excited as I read new about the explosion of EVs, but then I read this 3 times. .


Out of 97 Million Autos, being added, every year, to cities that already have unbreathable air, the “Big Plans “are to have 15 million EVs on the road by 2025.
That is less than 3%.

After hundreds of hours of research, I’m able to correlate who is going too slowly, along with noticing that they all have big oil, and little business incentive to push hard.

People; the cars are what is killing us, literally and physically. This is not about global warming or climate change. This is about the planet’s biggest cities having breathable air.

So, hey ivory tower people, stop playing word games with Renewable “Energy” and electricity, and find ways to increase the implementation of EVs, exponentially, and making combustion cars too expensive to drive.

We can do this!

But we have to stop missing what’s happening behind the headlines of articles that are covertly keeping us ignorant.  “Statistics”.



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