Hydrogen; Fiction, Fact, and useful knowledge

Climate denier strategies and media started before Millenials were born. Hydrogen had been explored from a dozen directions that I’ve witnessed and hundreds I haven’t.

And, just like the process of inventing long-lasting incandescent lighting, hundreds have failed, but you can’t go through hundreds of failures without learning the bits and pieces that will lead us to what will work.

I left the constant critic attitude in 2018, and from here forward we’ll be discussing how the derivatives of all the “big deals” we are watching flame out, and focus on the forward progress we can start using immediately in the new mental models we’ll be creating together.

Please read this article as a history piece. This describes the history working toward the world where we can now be confident that the best case EV future scenario is now in play.

This particular “scam” also created the envelope that the current approach to electrified transformation has been distilled from. Tesla’s and followers are all descendants of the solution that would not have emerged had this “scam not been ongoing. They did not just pop out of some inventors head.


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