A bit of fresh air.

This is a link to a Forbes article that deserves a complete read.

We’ve been being so barraged by the outrageous behavior of the loudest and most radical Capitalists in America it’s getting hard to remember what is good about America.

This article shows a trend and awareness that $15.00/hour is the effective minimum wage. And that happy employees do better work.

As I scanned the list I also noticed that 3M and Johnson&Johnson have employee and customer treatment numbers that are both top tier. Both of these companies were cited a few years back in a book about what makes great companies great.

The economic gap where the middle class used to be is being noticed. I don’t care how they rate on the 100% (fake) renewable charts. My opinion on sustainability has been businesses that manage to keep All of the stakeholders reasonably happy, rather than just the beady-eyed analysts and stockholders.
We have a long way to go but acknowledged awareness is sure a good place to start.

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