Electricity is like knowledge. It’s not worth anything till it’s useful.

Electricity is something we’ve never had reason to think about.  What most people know is that it comes from here


It’s definitely time to learn more. The media is making sure we don’t think and they can keep playing us for idiots. For example; the words Energy and Electricity are only interchangeable in the media. Wind and solar do not make “energy” they make electricity.

That distinction is why wind and solar will become the energy sources of the future.

When I was 12 years old I knew enough about electricity to wire up our basement to power all the lights and electric widgets in my bedroom. Stopped thinking about it when I went off to university.

When I was 52 years old, I could not answer this simple question. “What is electricity?

Here is an answer you’ve not heard often. Electricity is the kind of energy that can save our planet.

But, isn’t electricity the energy we’re using that’s causing all of our problems?

Yes today, and no in the future

The notion that Electricity itself is the problem is  “distraction” theater sponsored with the intent of keeping our attention focused away from seeing the real solutions.  This is being done with a mastery learned and perfected over the past 60 years.

It’s almost funny to realize that the biggest fortunes made in America have been at the expense of ar quality. Tobacco, Coal, and Oil.  This theater has been playing so long that 99% of the population has come to believe that it’s reality.

I guess it’s not all bad. The post World War II prosperity growth was started by our ability to be the world biggest oil consumers and transitioned to our being the world largest consumers of everything.

The global economic problem with wind and solar is that t can’t be “consumed.” There will never be scarcity. The vision I intend to share with you is about how renewable electricity can save our planet.

Two sources of combustion that are poisoning our atmosphere as much or more than power generation are the fuels used in the internal combustion engines used in trains, planes, autos trucks and ships; and the combustion of fuels for all kinds of heat, including industry.

Those are the two targets my overall renewable electricity strategies are aimed at. Transportation, and heat. The details of why are what I composing quick read posts about.

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