Sustainable Agriculture will create whole new markets and economies.

Sustainable energy can help a lot if applied properly. It can also cause the worst nightmares to come quicker if not used properly. But let’s look at the cheery version first. The cheery version can make the nightmare version irrelevant.

I would like to acknowledge the superior work being done by the Rainforest Alliance through teaching farmers to multiply their earnings by taking care of the farmland they are currently cultivating rather than the old habit of using up the nutrients in the soil,.then moving on to deforest more land.

Rainforest Pic.

The teachers and trainers are critical. Lecturing doesn’t get it.  This does.

It is a real pleasure to see an NGO creating sustainable prosperity, rather than the ugly dependence being created by careless “charity.” I came across RFA’s work while looking for potential constructive ways to use clean electricity to help reestablish healthy agriculture in the Cocoa zones in Nigeria.

All of my work on clean and renewable energy is just one part of sustainability. This work is every bit as important.

I’m still searching for optimum applications for clean electricity, but knowing the upstream farming is being well guided is very motivating. This will be a continuing venture that I will be sharing.

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