I see a bright future. It’s even brighter if we can collaborate.

It’s right over here, where people are not looking.

I don’t have to belabor the discussion of what’s not working. You are all among the most insightful people in the worlds of Electricity, energy, water, and food.

All four of these can work very well together in natural harmony when harmony is the agreed upon objective. Any path where the four cannot walk abreast is not a path to sustainability.  The minute any one of these gets left out is the minute where everything will start to decay.

My audience on Linked In and the Altresco facebook page includes the best and the brightest minds I’ve met in my life. Many highly qualified executives who are active and more knowledgeable in every area I’m reasonably qualified in.

Questions, Please.

I can write endless articles about energy, water, electricity, and food topics, but that does not help you unless I happen to be on a topic of interest to you. I love researching and answering questions that can impact many people, but we are at a critical point in the energy transition, as well as Water and Food Scarcity and I want my answers to be about your questions. This will help me have the direct impact of specificity.

When you read articles that frustrate or trouble you, feel free to email them to me. I will never mention where the question came from, but I will search through my knowledge base, including contacts, to provide the most thoughtful and accurate answer  I can manage.

I am not kidding when I repeatedly mention Correlation, Collaboration, and cooperation as the most powerful tool we have to bring views from multiple points on the compass.

Also, if any of you  have a platform that you would like to include me in, I would be honored

The world needs information from unbiased sources.

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