Q: Which alternative energy source is exhaustible?

Biofuels are not only exhaustible, but they are also causing irreparable damage to the soil and topsoil that they are using up with every crop.  Something that no one is talking about is that liquid biofuels distilled from grain and sugar, are hydrocarbons.

What is conveniently omitted from discussions like the Biofuels for aircraft is that the engined need the same amount of carbon to maintain their rated power, which also means that they must burn more biofuel, to get the same energy. No net gain anywhere but in the “Climate Image,” the airline can market, and the corporate profits of AG behemoths like ADM, Cargill, ConAgra, and our dear arsenic and Glyphosate purveyors Bayer/Monsanto.

I was going to say that, at least airplanes don’t get cancer,  but what if the glyphosate survives combustion. With biofuels,  we might be contaminating our skies with biofuel residual toxins.

In this spreading cancer-causing glyphosate across the skies now like herbicide spreading from 38,000 feet that can end up anywhere that the biofueled jets are flying/

Jet contrails 2

How’s big AG biofuel sounding to you now?

Oil companies pump their carbon from deep under the surface, but biofuels mine their carbon from the soil they are planted in.

A bit of trivia is that not only is the carbon in the soil essential for the crops, but it is also an integral part of the soil’s ability to hold onto moisture. As the nutrients continue to be sucked out of the ground by industrial biofuel monocropping, desertification starts. And since the soil has lost most of its ability to clump, is now just sand that will create the new deserts and sand dunes of America.

Yes, biofuels are exhaustible, they are ruining our solids, killing our oceans, and not only wasting our precious freshwater supply, but they are also poisoning the water from the surface to the underground aquifers.

It’s interesting how the media has created terror about the unlikely contamination of groundwater from fracking, when instead we should be realizing the Biofuels are contaminating and poisoning our groundwater for thousands and thousands of square miles, as far as the eye can see in the corn belt.


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