How feasible is it using fuel cells to power residential buildings, the cost implication, pros, and cons?


Bloom box

The Fabulous Bloom Box. These are so clean and convincing. Hydrogen in Water out. I just looked at 100 images of fuel cells that show how the fuel cell works, but only mention the necessity to stip the Carbon Monoxide from the incoming nature gas, before you have pure Hydrogen to run through the “fuel cells” that look like these on the outside.

One simple fact is that the process of separating the hydrogen from the carbon in the methane fuel puts just as much carbon in the air as burning the natural gas would. Plus the natural gas-fired engines are 25% more efficient that Fuel cells.

Ok, so it’s taken me a decade to learn this, but the hydrogen, and carbon monoxide issues happened right at the beginning.

I’ve been watching a lot of fuel cell mythology, and I acknowledge that hydrogen may be a huge part of making all wind electricity more useful, however, I’m also seeing a lot of situations that are imperiling peoples lives.

Most all residential fuel cells are fueled by natural gas.

As the natural gas enters the process it goes through a catalyst that strips the carbon monoxide from the hydrogen going into the fuel cells. There’s no carbon coming from the fuel cell. It’s all coming from the catalysts located on site but never shown in the fuel cell pictures

Now, they figured out ways to ditch the CO at the big, highly ventilated outdoor fuel cell locations but in residential applications? Not in my neighborhood. I don’t want to be asphyxiated by an invisible carbon monoxide bubble drifting down the street.

This is not a theory. 20 years ago a fuel cell company put their fuel cell generators with CO strippers behind their homes. The fuel cells worked just fine, but the carbon monoxide coming from the catalysts build into a CO bubble around the homes and nearly suffocated the families.

No smell, no warning just dizziness from suffocation, followed by death.

Fuel cells, like the Bloom box, can claim zero emissions from the actual hydrogen reaction, but in total, they produce the same emissions as a natural gas engine or turbine does.

So, unless you are running on imported pure hydrogen, you are going to need the entire building interior and exterior heavily vented. If the airflow removing the carbon monoxide were to break down in the middle of the night, a whole bunch of people will die.

It’s time to wake up and notice that what we are not being told is deadly.  We need to be reading deeply, noting the bytes of factual information included, then trying to assemble them into a meaningful and verifiable whole. I sure you there will be key pieces of the puzzle missing.

And then, in the text below what got your attention, there will be a sentence, in a paragraph of seemingly irrelevant discussion that tells, in words that just flow by your attention that will contain enough truth  to allow them to totally change the game while “honestly” being able to say that they notified everyone.

The US has become a highly sophisticated world of marketing, misdirection, and misinforming, too a point where people are just nodding without waking up and comprehending.

This is a reason why, at this time,  the irrefutable Black Swan will be more effectively organized and demonstrated in Countries like India or South Africa. We’ll see.


© William Ross Williams 2018


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