What are we thinking?

Water going going What are we thinkingJust as I am getting optimistic about our ability to get CO2 emissions under control, which we now have the technology to do, I get smacked in the face by another reality that still feels hopeless.

As I was reading an article about Net Zero buildings, which is obviously a good idea, I was also wondering about the difference between the marketing version of Net Zero, versus what I consider reality. So I looked up Net Zero and started reading the Wikipedia description of it, and I truly got smacked in the face by this paragraph.

  • ““Energy, particularly electricity and heating fuel like natural gas or heating oil, is expensive. Hence reducing energy use can save the building owner money. In contrast, water and waste are inexpensive.”

Has anybody thought about the fact that, as temperatures continue to climb, we’ll need more water for everything, drink, yet our water supplies are running out faster than the CO2 in our atmosphere is increasing?

People, I’ve been looking at desalination options for 20 years, and yes, we’re on our way to being able to use renewable energy to do it, in some places, but it’s going to cost at least 25X what the global agriculture industries are accustomed to paying.

So “Sustainability”, when are we going to start putting water into the equation?


What are we thinking Water Inexpensive     ©William Ross Williams 2018

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