Quora: How could we harness the power of the capitalist system to protect our planet’s environment?

This is THE question.


Both Greed and Global Warming are indisputable attributes that humanity has to figure out how to deal with if we plan to maintain a habitable planet.

I want to acknowledge Leigh Baker for her very thoughtful answer, as well as Sophia-Dora-Weiler for sharing it. I’m delighted to see the reference to Dell, Apple, GM and IKEA tackling the ocean plastic issue.

The major problem I’ve come to recognize is that the $74 Trillion dollars in savings outlined by Project Drawdown also equates to $74 Trillion of money not spent. That is anti-capitalistic thinking.so we need to rethink the dynamics.

That’s not so hard. If we can verify the 74 billion in savings, it should be clear how we can afford to spend many trillions of dollars on goods and services, that will be paid back by the savings, and we get a far more habitable planet in the process.

Believe it or not, that is possible, today. It’s just invisible from current perspectives.  That is what is particularly exciting. Invisible business strategies are where companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Uber, come from.

That was also why we were able to bundle a dozen diverse supply chain participants into a business model wherein every stakeholder won, and doubled or tripled their market cap as a result.

Yes, this is complicated, complex, simple, and moderately chaotic, within the same business situation, but we’ve found it amazing how well everything comes together when everyone can see that every team member is essential.

Harnessing Capitalism is a key part of my thinking on CO2 reduction strategies.

More to come


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