Recipes for a habitable planet.

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Energy knowledge you’re not supposed to know.

The title of the book I’ve promised to write is “Recipes for a habitable planet.(Earth) , Energy knowledge…………..

It has never been more critical for people to understand how things really work.

For example; why renewable electricity is not making a dent in US CO2 emissions, how the petroleum industry is taking over the space being vacated by coal, and why we are not getting close to full value from wind electricity potential. and a few other details.

We’re continually being bombarded by marketing based knowledge, and bamboozled by 100% renewable assertions that are really not putting any more Wind-generated electricity into the system.

Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and any other “socially responsible corporations are buying enough interests in wind capacity offsetting their energy use, but how much electricity those wind farms are going to be able to ship, is a fraction.

What is encouraging to me, as I know how oversaturated wind and solar generation is, is that there is a business model,  (that doesn’t exist yet, in today’s thinking.) that is a proven way to make radical reductions in toxic emissions, and the CO2 that was accompanying them.

I’m going to stop here because the rest will take a book to illuminate, but don’t give up hope or get deceived by the marketing by the planets richest corporations and climate deniers.

All we need is a clear correlation and complete energy system transparency to start discovering the energy knowledge you’re not supposed to know.

Linked In connections, if you are interested in participating in the ongoing design of this effort and book, come on over to the Altresco Facebook page.


©William Ross Williams 2018



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