“Potential Energy” examples

What are the examples of potential energy being transformed to electrical energy?

What a great question!  There is a lot more “potential” energy around us than we realize.  Electricity is only 18% of the energy that we use.

Potential energy is everything that is not being used. That includes an infinite amount of wind and solar electricity that does not fit into the stack of electricity production energy sources.

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Give this some thought.

The incremental cost of the potential electricity that could be generated by wind and solar is Zero. That means it’s the cheapest source of recoverable raw energy in the history of 2 legged critters. (Of course, that is wholesale)

That is in direct opposition to the expensive electricity that we, as retail users, have to pay for. We don’t think about this any more than we think about what the market paid for our fresh broccoli.

We just “Know” that the electricity we use is extremely convenient and can be very expensive.

But the “Potential” electricity from wind and solar, that cannot currently be used, is the cheapest raw energy on earth. So, what if we use that otherwise “nonexistent” energy to reduce the amount of fossil fuel being burned in those industrial boilers?

You see, electricity can only be produced when it’s being used. But, if it’s stored, as heat, which can then be used to replace fossil fuels, then we have a zero incremental cost, zero emissions replacement for a lot of petroleum.

Gosh, I think we can make a business out of that

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