Invisible views

Thank you all for joining the audience. My plan is to provide the unbiased and helpful energy strategies that will take renewable and clean energy to the next level.

One of my favorite quotes is “ in order to accomplish the impossible, one must be able to see the invisible “ Lourde Torres.  Meralco, Philippines.

My fondest memories are not about financial closings or the ribbon-cutting at power plants. What brings back the joy that will keep me writing, discovering and sharing, are the moments and times when we were all working together toward a common goal that had been ordained by others to be impossible.

The 30-year Altresco journey has taken me around the world, literally, more times than I can count. It has involved visiting at least 34 different countries. (So many that it’s hard to sort out the landscapes in my mind) . but what remains vividly clear are the people I’ve met, and the lessons I learned from them.

These lessons and experiences are the knowledge base that my current views were seeded with. Since the turn of the millennium, I’ve been focused pretty exclusively on energy storage and renewable energy integration.

Over the last decade, my long view attitude has not been attractive to a short view energy business approach.  Nonetheless, am very grateful for the amazing and unimaginable progress that the short view go-getters have accomplished. That gratitude is because, as a result of that amazing progress, we are back to the first time in decades where my long-term view is once again compatible.

Seeing the invisible

2 .5 Billion years

What our brains see is a really gnarly old tree.  It’s about 800 years old.  But there’s more. Also in the frame is a view of 2 ½ Billion years of our planet’s history.

That is the “invisible part”

If you will look through the tree to the cliffs in the background, what you are seeing are cliffs that are a thousand feet high, and show a “picture” of nearly every layer of Earth’s evolution.

The shocking comparison this brings to mind is that within a hairs width of time, we have managed to bring about what can turn into yet another noticeable cataclysmic extinction. The only trace of humankind will be petrified trash, laced with plastic that would not petrify.

Come on people, we’re better than this.

The solutions we see among the Altresco team are as clear as the cliffs in the picture are. But what applying today, in order to establish are once you focus on the cliffs instead of the tree. In fact, the core premises are based on an earlier project that we organized, financed, owned and operated. That project not only accomplished the goals we had in mind. It exceeded them in every way.

On that project, we were learning with every step, and honestly, we were also astonished when it all came together. Yet success was not the lesson. It was just the beginning of the lessons we have learned since.

A whole new industry arose as a result of that success, but try as they did, no one ever learned the true secrets that enabled Altresco Pittsfield to become the new benchmark for the industry.

I’m very excited to see the stars back in alignment, but I want to do one thing differently. This new model is going to surpass the beneficial and game-changing impact of the Altresco Pittsfield model.

However, this time we intend to do things in a way that people will be able to replicate, and that we will be able to help them replicate. The probability of success is much higher, and most of all, the transformation this can create is critical.

This go-round, we want to be mentors. and in doing that, our knowledge can be part of the future. rather than just a case study.

The Altresco goal is to create a step by step book explaining how and why the elements need to be assembled. This business opportunity





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