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How can we reduce Industrial water pollution?

The Altresco recipe is; “First, think it through from several perspectives, including the industrial’s. Second, create a business case for the modifications, Third, obtain consensus with the industry.
What this will do for you is give you a new capability to solve similar issues across the industry. You will never have to look for work again.

You don’t need technology till these three steps have been accomplished. At that point. Technology will be competing for the opportunity.


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What are we thinking?

Water going going What are we thinkingJust as I am getting optimistic about our ability to get CO2 emissions under control, which we now have the technology to do, I get smacked in the face by another reality that still feels hopeless.

As I was reading an article about Net Zero buildings, which is obviously a good idea, I was also wondering about the difference between the marketing version of Net Zero, versus what I consider reality. So I looked up Net Zero and started reading the Wikipedia description of it, and I truly got smacked in the face by this paragraph.

  • ““Energy, particularly electricity and heating fuel like natural gas or heating oil, is expensive. Hence reducing energy use can save the building owner money. In contrast, water and waste are inexpensive.”

Has anybody thought about the fact that, as temperatures continue to climb, we’ll need more water for everything, drink, yet our water supplies are running out faster than the CO2 in our atmosphere is increasing?

People, I’ve been looking at desalination options for 20 years, and yes, we’re on our way to being able to use renewable energy to do it, in some places, but it’s going to cost at least 25X what the global agriculture industries are accustomed to paying.

So “Sustainability”, when are we going to start putting water into the equation?


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Quora: How could we harness the power of the capitalist system to protect our planet’s environment?

This is THE question.


Both Greed and Global Warming are indisputable attributes that humanity has to figure out how to deal with if we plan to maintain a habitable planet.

I want to acknowledge Leigh Baker for her very thoughtful answer, as well as Sophia-Dora-Weiler for sharing it. I’m delighted to see the reference to Dell, Apple, GM and IKEA tackling the ocean plastic issue.

The major problem I’ve come to recognize is that the $74 Trillion dollars in savings outlined by Project Drawdown also equates to $74 Trillion of money not spent. That is anti-capitalistic we need to rethink the dynamics.

That’s not so hard. If we can verify the 74 billion in savings, it should be clear how we can afford to spend many trillions of dollars on goods and services, that will be paid back by the savings, and we get a far more habitable planet in the process.

Believe it or not, that is possible, today. It’s just invisible from current perspectives.  That is what is particularly exciting. Invisible business strategies are where companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Uber, come from.

That was also why we were able to bundle a dozen diverse supply chain participants into a business model wherein every stakeholder won, and doubled or tripled their market cap as a result.

Yes, this is complicated, complex, simple, and moderately chaotic, within the same business situation, but we’ve found it amazing how well everything comes together when everyone can see that every team member is essential.

Harnessing Capitalism is a key part of my thinking on CO2 reduction strategies.

More to come


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Quora Question. Is Global Warming a hoax?

This is corroborated by NOAA, and all of the sources the climate denial community hasn’t yet bought.

Exxon’s Own Research Confirmed Fossil Fuels’ Role in Global Warming Decades Ago

Shell starting building offshore platforms 2 feet taller over a decade ago. The first President they bought was George Bush senior, The second Bush had a former oil industry CO as a VP.

The following is an example of “Global Warming is inevitable so you better plan for it.

An example is betterenergy_fullreport_digital.

If you google this report and see the list of sources promoting it, you can get an idea who all has sold out.

Fortunately, when the real renewable energy potential becomes clear, it will overrun the fossil fuel industry.

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Recipes for a habitable planet.

Girl with sunshine


Energy knowledge you’re not supposed to know.

The title of the book I’ve promised to write is “Recipes for a habitable planet.(Earth) , Energy knowledge…………..

It has never been more critical for people to understand how things really work.

For example; why renewable electricity is not making a dent in US CO2 emissions, how the petroleum industry is taking over the space being vacated by coal, and why we are not getting close to full value from wind electricity potential. and a few other details.

We’re continually being bombarded by marketing based knowledge, and bamboozled by 100% renewable assertions that are really not putting any more Wind-generated electricity into the system.

Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and any other “socially responsible corporations are buying enough interests in wind capacity offsetting their energy use, but how much electricity those wind farms are going to be able to ship, is a fraction.

What is encouraging to me, as I know how oversaturated wind and solar generation is, is that there is a business model,  (that doesn’t exist yet, in today’s thinking.) that is a proven way to make radical reductions in toxic emissions, and the CO2 that was accompanying them.

I’m going to stop here because the rest will take a book to illuminate, but don’t give up hope or get deceived by the marketing by the planets richest corporations and climate deniers.

All we need is a clear correlation and complete energy system transparency to start discovering the energy knowledge you’re not supposed to know.

Linked In connections, if you are interested in participating in the ongoing design of this effort and book, come on over to the Altresco Facebook page.


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“Potential Energy” examples

What are the examples of potential energy being transformed to electrical energy?

What a great question!  There is a lot more “potential” energy around us than we realize.  Electricity is only 18% of the energy that we use.

Potential energy is everything that is not being used. That includes an infinite amount of wind and solar electricity that does not fit into the stack of electricity production energy sources.

smaller llnl

Give this some thought.

The incremental cost of the potential electricity that could be generated by wind and solar is Zero. That means it’s the cheapest source of recoverable raw energy in the history of 2 legged critters. (Of course, that is wholesale)

That is in direct opposition to the expensive electricity that we, as retail users, have to pay for. We don’t think about this any more than we think about what the market paid for our fresh broccoli.

We just “Know” that the electricity we use is extremely convenient and can be very expensive.

But the “Potential” electricity from wind and solar, that cannot currently be used, is the cheapest raw energy on earth. So, what if we use that otherwise “nonexistent” energy to reduce the amount of fossil fuel being burned in those industrial boilers?

You see, electricity can only be produced when it’s being used. But, if it’s stored, as heat, which can then be used to replace fossil fuels, then we have a zero incremental cost, zero emissions replacement for a lot of petroleum.

Gosh, I think we can make a business out of that

Are wind turbine manufacturing companies still a viable investment?

Quora question asked, “Is Suzlon Stock a reasonable investment?”:

They will be if they survive the stall that no one seems to be aware of.

Suzlon is an Indian company, but I’m going to discuss the positive aspects of the Indian situation in a separate post.

Let’s talk a little about how everything we “know” about renewable energy is an illusion

100 Renewable

The news in climate journals and 100% renewable marketing is leading us to believe that wind generation should be booming. Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and a thundering herd of followers are now buying enough interests in Wind and Solar installations to add up to their total electricity consumption.

If we do the math and assume that all of the “potential” electricity is being generated and used the theory can withstand the scrutiny of disinterested audiences, who have no relevant experience.

Over in my land of invisible information, I’m seeing what on one hand could be a deadly delusion, and on the other hand, the most transformational, profitable and worthwhile situations in the history of humankind.

What almost no consumers know is that no matter how many wind turbines you are erect, the amount of electricity the grid can take does not change, nor does the time and reliability needs of the electricity users.

In the world of physics and wholesale economics, Most of these wind farms are proposed to be built in MISO, or SPP, and both are drowning in overgeneration.

As a result, developers have stopped buying more wind turbines.


The stock chart on the left is Suzlon.                              The stock chart on the right is Vestas

Suzlon ChartVestas chart.

The demand for wind turbines is limited to how much of that electricity can be used when it’s available. The existing retail electricity business framework and the accompanying regulations are blocking the ability to use low-cost low-value kilowatts when they are available.

More discussion of the “invisible” aspects that are slowing or neutralizing true net carbon reductions will follow.





Invisible views

Thank you all for joining the audience. My plan is to provide the unbiased and helpful energy strategies that will take renewable and clean energy to the next level.

One of my favorite quotes is “ in order to accomplish the impossible, one must be able to see the invisible “ Lourde Torres.  Meralco, Philippines.

My fondest memories are not about financial closings or the ribbon-cutting at power plants. What brings back the joy that will keep me writing, discovering and sharing, are the moments and times when we were all working together toward a common goal that had been ordained by others to be impossible.

The 30-year Altresco journey has taken me around the world, literally, more times than I can count. It has involved visiting at least 34 different countries. (So many that it’s hard to sort out the landscapes in my mind) . but what remains vividly clear are the people I’ve met, and the lessons I learned from them.

These lessons and experiences are the knowledge base that my current views were seeded with. Since the turn of the millennium, I’ve been focused pretty exclusively on energy storage and renewable energy integration.

Over the last decade, my long view attitude has not been attractive to a short view energy business approach.  Nonetheless, am very grateful for the amazing and unimaginable progress that the short view go-getters have accomplished. That gratitude is because, as a result of that amazing progress, we are back to the first time in decades where my long-term view is once again compatible.

Seeing the invisible

2 .5 Billion years

What our brains see is a really gnarly old tree.  It’s about 800 years old.  But there’s more. Also in the frame is a view of 2 ½ Billion years of our planet’s history.

That is the “invisible part”

If you will look through the tree to the cliffs in the background, what you are seeing are cliffs that are a thousand feet high, and show a “picture” of nearly every layer of Earth’s evolution.

The shocking comparison this brings to mind is that within a hairs width of time, we have managed to bring about what can turn into yet another noticeable cataclysmic extinction. The only trace of humankind will be petrified trash, laced with plastic that would not petrify.

Come on people, we’re better than this.

The solutions we see among the Altresco team are as clear as the cliffs in the picture are. But what applying today, in order to establish are once you focus on the cliffs instead of the tree. In fact, the core premises are based on an earlier project that we organized, financed, owned and operated. That project not only accomplished the goals we had in mind. It exceeded them in every way.

On that project, we were learning with every step, and honestly, we were also astonished when it all came together. Yet success was not the lesson. It was just the beginning of the lessons we have learned since.

A whole new industry arose as a result of that success, but try as they did, no one ever learned the true secrets that enabled Altresco Pittsfield to become the new benchmark for the industry.

I’m very excited to see the stars back in alignment, but I want to do one thing differently. This new model is going to surpass the beneficial and game-changing impact of the Altresco Pittsfield model.

However, this time we intend to do things in a way that people will be able to replicate, and that we will be able to help them replicate. The probability of success is much higher, and most of all, the transformation this can create is critical.

This go-round, we want to be mentors. and in doing that, our knowledge can be part of the future. rather than just a case study.

The Altresco goal is to create a step by step book explaining how and why the elements need to be assembled. This business opportunity