Free Model X Teslas.

Save money on electricity storage. Put 10 of these in your garage

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A question from Quora, which is a segue into a more significant and more direct issue.

We are not going to convince 7 of the 10 largest corporations in the world that they need to start reducing the demand for their product.

For the past 15 years, these corporations have been doing everything in their power to keep us focused on coal and renewable energy.

At first, the coal provided a huge target, but then as the same companies have found themselves with a glut of natural gas they’ve changed up their style somewhat, and are continuing two heavily support the ongoing development of renewable electricity generation.

At first, it doesn’t make sense that petroleum would be so in favor of wind generation, but a couple weeks ago I was rereading an authoritative report, authored by a couple of the most respected clean energy advocacies. I was rereading it because, even though I can see ways to use wind power to reduce fossil fuel use in industry, the report just spent four pages of meaningless wording that concluded that renewable electricity just had no place in areas like industrial heat.

The title of this document is Better Energy, Greater Prosperity.  1, and it was sponsored by a consortium called the Energy Transition Commission. (ETC)

Even the lofty Rocky Mountain Institute is promoting this document and the ETC report as the gospel of a cleaner future.

Enough about “Climate Change?  It’s happening, we have the means to make a radical improvement, w just need to create the will.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality, To change things,you build a new model that will make the old model obsolete. “ B. Fuller.

Today’s existing energy reality has been created by Shell, and friends, to protect the oil industry from the risk of declining product sales. Shell has a long history of accurate long-term predictions, and I’m sure developed this artful strategy before major wind turbine deployment came on the scene.

I find it interesting that the release and promotion of “An inconvenient truth”   was timed perfectly to promote wind turbine sales. Cabon Advocates were popping up much faster than trees could grow  Energy efficiency retrofits became a huge revenue source for very large and prominent companies who thrived on making promises that could not be kept.

Universities were selling sustainability courses that created certificates with no meaningful skills or value, and completely unimaginable amounts of renewable energy were built, the reliable parts of the electricity grid and fleets were being mothballed and parted out.but the plan worked impeccably, and we now have the byproduct of useless electricity.

Therefore we find ourselves in a situation where we are far short of the political promises, yet the ability to interconnect more wind in random places on the grid is just not there. We are being told that transmission lines will solve the problem, had a chaotic fragmented body of experience and knowledge.

What I find most amazing about our situation is that we have solved the world’s energy problems. The need to burn fossil fuels of any kind is going to start declining, more rapidly than the plans are designed to facilitate.

What my research over the last few months has finally connected the dot on is that the dysfunctional renewable energy generating facilities we are struggling with right now have been in the plan since the beginning.

But there’s more, if you look closely at the LLNL charts the entire, petroleum-fueled side of the global energy infrastructure picture have not suffered at all.

I have not forgotten the free Tesla, but creating this scenario and strategy to make that work is going to take a lot more than one blog post so I have to ask you to trust me is that is the most passionate article I can see myself writing.

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