The question on Quora re Wind and Solar

“If wind and solar are supposed panacea for the end of oil, why do politicians put wind farms where there is little wind and solar farms where there is little sun?”

There are several reasons why this has been happening, and they have nothing to do with the electricity system that we have been able to absolutely depend on for decades.

This is a result of what I call “Political Power Planning.”

It’s interesting that in 2010, a friend, who had served on the Alberta Utilities Commission, and I took a hard look at the viability of developing a 50-100 MW wind farm in Southern Alberta,

We walked away from pursuing it because, in terms of what Alberta actually needs in order to continue supplying reliable power, there was very little justification for more electricity, and particularly the kind of intermittent electricity that wind power would generate,

However, as the wind generation and solar generation industries picked up more and more political pull, the pragmatic view of what was needed was suddenly being tossed aside across all of Europe and North America, and wind and solar generation have been being installed.
It is an understatement to say that this has been very disruptive, and is causing consumer electricity bills to take a bigger and bigger chunk of every household’s budget.

The will of an extremely misinformed public has been spoken, and since every misinformed consumer is a voter, electricity system planning is now being done from a political view, rather than referencing, true electricity system planning


©2018 William Ross Williams

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