Africa Rising

“Africa might leapfrog straight to cheap renewable electricity and mini-grids.”

I forecast explosive growth. Since India coupled private power with private industry in 1997, the per capita GDP has grown 1000%. From a key resources perspective, Sub Sharan Africa has quite an advantage over 1995 India, and my forecast is based on direct, on the ground, in Africa, observation, and case studies of private power impact in India.

My views on this are as contrarian as my views were in India in 1995, but the case for them is not nearly as vague as we had in India.

IMHO, the reason the renewable electricty system development has stalled in Africa is because it is putting development in the wrong order. Energy development must support the economic development, not try to lead it. Non-existent industry, cannot support power development.

By focusing on creating new economies and aggressively reducing poverty, Africa can rapidly become the most sustainable global economy in history. This is based on case studies, not speculation.


Copyright © 2018 William Ross Williams


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