The Sustainability Code

I’ve been focused on what is now called sustainability since we implemented our first sustainable energy facility in Pittsfield, MA in 1990.

Yet, my thinking has been more about action than the discussion of sustainability, and as an epistemological thinker, found that this manner of thought was not particularly welcome in the very lucrative Sustainability Discussion profession. Nonetheless, my emotional, business and intellectual commitment to initiating actions that will lead to a sustainable planet is my identity and reality, and will not stop in this lifetime. Along those lines, I’ve committed to writing a book regarding just how we can achieve sustainability, and preserve our planet, and a title that came to mind was “Sustainability Code.”

A prerequisite to titling a business or publication is to see it the phrase is in use. It is and in the most positive way.

Dr. Mark McElroy, of the University of Groningen in Vermont, published this article in 2006, which is the most thoughtful description of sustainability I have encountered in the decades I’ve spent trying to stimulate sustainability as an action.

I will be using this as a reference as I walk through the Sustainable development goal list, and discuss actionable possibilities, and the barriers to achieving them.

I will be sharing these as they are written



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