What does 100% renewable mean?

A question on Quora asserted that Germany is generating 100% of their energy from renewables. This is my answer.

Germany is not even close to 100% renewable energy. There are days and moments when wind and solar produce a total electrical output equal to what the country is using but the country actually runs on Coal, Natural gas and Nuclear in that order.

What you have cited is information published with an agenda in mind rather than fact. When the renewable energy generates that much electricity for a bit then over 60% of that electricity is shipped to the EU grid where is distributed among the areas that are able to accept it.

I did not get this information from information slanted sources. It’s from the Energy Information Agency who have no stake in the construal of the information.

I do believe this can improve dramatically, and we’re 100% onboard with displacing combustion with renewable electricity, but that’s going to emerge in next “Renewable energy age.” Another question you might ask is “Why and Who is that misinformation coming from and what are they trying to accomplish with it.” It really is time to move on from that malarkey and get down to capturing more of the potential work that it can do. Like making thermal energy that will be used to replace combustions in industrial processes.

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