Renewable or Not Renewable? That is the question.

It’s time to stop quibbling about is, and is not “renewable” and start focusing on reducing CO2, through an accelerated use of Combustion Free© energy.

It is just so confusing to sort out what is “renewable”. Based on the plethora of energy sources that are attempting to fit under the “renewable energy “umbrella, it’s become nearly impossible to sort out.

So, My position is that it is not “renewable” if it requires the combustion of carbonaceous materials to produce usable energy.

It is “renewable” if it can create usable energy without burning anything. This includes Wind, Solar, Nuclear, Hydro, and Geothermal.  Ocean energy is also renewable but has not proven to be economically viable.

We are at the end of what I view as the first 7 wave set of renewable electricity generation, However, we are just at the beginning of the real age of renewable electricity as the primary source of energy for our planet.

This is going to take the implementation of some strategies that, in retrospect, we’ll wonder how we missed but in reality, the situations and achievements making it possible have only become clear during the latest wave of renewable implementation.

My mission is to “write the book” on this transformation, with the help of the very large, and highly qualified experts that have been and still are  contributors to the knowledge base that is allowing us to see and comprehend visions that are not yet part of the thinking that got us to this transformation stage of energy production for the purposes of humanities continuing evolution on a planet that is starting to heal.

Copyright © William Ross Williams 2018



The number of questions on Quora, about what is renewable and what is not, is a clear demonstration of just how much confusion has been created by the highly active, authoritative, sounding, and diverse different perspectives and agendas created as a result of everyone raising their hands and proclaiming that we must use “renewable energy

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