Altresco has copyrighted the phrase Combustion Free energy as part of our mission statement

“Combustion Free” energy is going to become one of the largest CO2 elimination strategies and practices in the Future of Energy

Altresco’s mission is to bring “Combustion-free”  energy systems into the energy mainstream on Planet Earth.

We will be designing and implementing many proprietary strategies and system designs that are now possible as a result of the hugely successful deployment of renewable electricity generation across the entire planet.

It is the nature of nature to produce more than we need, and at times when we don’t need rains, wind, sunshine, and water. And that very nature is what is causing more electricity to be generated than we can put to use when it is available.  It is this electricity, and other “combustion –free” sources of energy that will become integrated into our system designs that will eliminate the need for combustion in an infinite number of processes, where combustion of fossil fuels was the only affordable option.

Our combustion free will become the least cost option.

Copyright © William Ross Williams 2018.

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