Combustion Free Industry and population centers

Question about moving half the world’s population to urban areas.

Is this a theory, strategy or an observation? Urbanization is already happening. Robert’s comments do reflect another reason why this is happening. My prediction is that we’re heading somewhere toward 79% urban.

A lot of urbanization has also been happening as a result of electricity availability, and the reality that our tendency toward large “central” generation, that need to be placed well away from population centres has also had an impact.

The concentration of electricity users is vastly easier to serve.

However, I also know that a sea change is on the way as we get more proficient at using the electricity from nature. Within 5 years, we will be seeing independent microgrids popping up that are totally independent of the grid constraints.

I also see technologies and mechanisms that will allow an industry to detach from fossil fuels, and start locating close to their raw material production sources. One thing not considered in this whole urbanization theory is the organic need for community.

When food can be grown, taken to market, processed or concentrated within a 5 km radius, we will see rural urbanization taking place, along with minimizing the intertribal hostilities.  Energy generation is going to decentralize, as well as weening itself from fossil fuels.

I know that this prediction is based on jumping a gap between mental models, but if I can see it, so can others.

©William Ross Williams 2018

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