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The Creative Genius and The birth of Energy Machinery Leonardo Da Vinci based most of his work on his observations of the biological world. What is impossible for me to find is any reference to burning biologically created fuels. He was brilliant enough to realize that nature was providing all of the energy needed via water, gravity, wind and sunlight.

The Water, Agriculture, Food, Energy Nexus: A little History

Does not actual exist today.
Water, Agriculture, Food, Wind and Solar have been working together since plants started to grow on our planet. The food aspect was simply for organic growth and did not become a planned outcome until about 30,000 years ago. Energy, in the form of heat started being used by Hominids as far back as 800,000 years. Electricity’s role in the food supply chain is less that 100 years old. Since electricity’s only role pertained to human convenience . Rural Electricity and agriculture did not find each other until a few decades ago. At that time the agricultural role in electricity was as a fuel source. As crops were certainly not grown for that. Wind power has been used in the Agricultural sector for over 600 years.