The Product of the Product

Some folks consider the product to be machinery. Some folks consider it to be the power plant. Others think it’s electricity or energy. But let me ask you. Have you ever sat down on the back porch with a nice cool glass of………electricity?

Have you ever gone to the store to pick up a loaf of bread and a gallon of electricity?
So what is the real tangible product that we get from electricity? And what are the products that could not exist without electricity? One very clear one is digital information. In all of it’s forms. This is where electricity becomes essential. I’ll admit that electricity is essential to the urban planet, and I’d also point out that some of the happiest people I’ve met in my travels around the planet were in places that were a three day walk from the closest light bulb or wheel.
So why is electricity so critical. A lot of reasons, but the biggest ones are convenience, comfort and productivity.The good news for humanity is that we could survive without electricity, but there is no question that our quality of life would be degraded immensely.
So let’s go back to the question. What is the product of wind generators and solar PV generators. Electricity. And what is Electricity?

Well, I think we need to explore that a bit more. It is very important for you to understand how electricity affects your life. From there we can explore from there what impact all of these terms of the day are having and going to have on your life.

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